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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Love My Boys

Noah and Hyrum are so adorable! They crack me up. They have such different personalities, that I wonder how I've raised opposites. Noah looks so much like my side of the family when Hyrum is all Jer.

Hyrum is naturally funny. He has this awesome Kung Fu Panda move, I'll record it and put it up with this post. He's also our little dare devil. I can't believe that he hasn't needed stitches yet. He is constantly jumping off of things, like Noah's bunk bed, and our stools. And most of the time, when he gets hurt, he doesn't cry he just takes it as part of the adventure. Hyrum has been potty training this week and has been doing incredibly well. Much better than expected. I think I was dreading it too much maybe. Noah cheers him on with every trip to the bathroom because that means skittles for both of them, hey it works. Then they are excited together, and Noah's constantly reminding Hyrum to go potty. It's our tradition to hug and kiss each other good night after family prayer. Hyrum also ask to hug or kiss his baby (the one in my belly) after family prayer. It makes me laugh, but he likes to kiss my "babybutton".

Noah is smart as can be. He loves to color and currently is planning on growing up to be and artist. But he has mentioned wanting to be a captain in the military (I think he learned that from Moroni). Every prayer that Noah says, whether it's family prayer, personal prayer, or at a friends house, he always prays that he and Hyrum can grow up to be missionaries. At my sisters house yesterday for the dinner prayer he also prayed that he and Hyrum (and his cousins, whose home we were at) could marry good girls in the temple. I am amazed at his level of understanding, and also his spirituality. He is such a good bother and tries so hard to be a good example to Hyrum. He's also an example to me.

They are both so unique and wonderful and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful boys in my home. They mean the world to me. I look forward to raising a third boy. I can't wait to meet him, and see what he has instore for us.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We had our baby!

No, not really. Hahahahahaha

Kristi asked me to blog something. So, I thought I would renew some interest in our blog.

I'll tell a little story.

Last night, we went to a neighbor couple's house for dinner, along with about 6 other couples or so from our religious congregation. The food was delicious - shout out to Sundee! We played a game where you pick a Skittle and, depending on what color you picked, you have to answer a question. I picked orange because that's my favorite color and I wanted to eat it - so I had to pick a color that I was going to remember. I digress...

So, I told a story about our first kiss. **wow this song I'm listening to right now is awesome** My story went like this:
"Well, our first kiss was kind of unique... I didn't even know her name yet, but we just made out for HOURS!" Then Kristi hit me.

Is the story true? I guess you'll never ever know.