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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Philistines

This post is by Jer, even though it says Kristi. I'm just getting that out of the way right now.

On Friday, we went to see our team (the Padres) get beat by the Phillies. Noah referred to the Phillies as the Philistines, which I felt was actually pretty fitting, since they were opposing the Padres (aka friars). Noah thought that Phillies was a shortening of the word Philistines, so that was funny.

I was at work a little after 6:00 when I got an e-mail from our CEO that said the first person to show up in front of his office got tickets for the Padres game at 7:05. So, I jogged over there (about 12 steps) and snagged the tickets. He said, "good luck explaining to everyone that you got the tickets." and shut his door. Then, I turned and saw that people were running at me from all directions. It was hilarious. I ran back to my desk and called Kristi. While I was on the phone, one guy actually walked over and kicked my chair!

Kristi was so stressed out because the game started in like 45 minutes and I was still at work, and we hadn't eaten yet. So, I came home, we got shoes and jackets and headed to Taco Bell for dinner (to go). Then, we realized that I forgot Porter's shoes. Luckily, our house was still close, and kind of on the way. So, we got to Petco Park right after the game started. We didn't have $20 cash for the parking, but they let us in for FREE!

We had no idea how good the tickets were, but once we were walking down to our seats, and we had to keep walking down, we knew they were good!

The boys were so excited to be so close to the action, and surrounded by people chanting and clapping and screaming at the players. Hyrum was screaming "Go Padres!!!" over and over again at the top of his lungs. Noah kept on dancing ridiculously to see if he could make it on to the jumbo tron screen. Porter kept on rubbing the leg of the man sitting next to him, which was funny, but really annoying to the guy. I think Kristi really enjoyed it until the 'guess the attendance' game. The screen said that there were 34, 500 people at the game that night, and she realized that was more than the population of Iron County, Utah! Then, she started to get nervous about the crowds when it was time to leave.

Surprisingly, it ended well, and the boys were fantastic. The traffic home was smooth like butta. We are definitely doing it again! Below are some pictures.