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Friday, May 30, 2008

Birthday Horses

This video doesn't show how much the boys loved their horses. They went around for like an hour making horse sounds and galloping back and forth.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hyrum's Birthday

Hyrum turned two on the 23rd! Along with his "twin" cousin Austin. It was just a little get together dinner with our close family. I really wanted to do a big party, but with memorial weekend it just didn't work out. I'm going to have to plan a huge three years old party to make up for the first two laking. He did get a bike which he is obsessed with. I got the smallest bike I could find, but he can't reach the petals or the ground. He does love it. Hyrum mostly got clothes, which he was in need of. Some how I can't find all the clothes we had with Noah. I guess things just kind of disappear.
I think that he did hit the terrible twos. Noah never really did the terrible twos, it was three that was hard on us. It's good I had Noah grow out of his terribles before Hyrum grew in. Noah's really helping out lately. Almost everyday he asks about his baby sister (no, I am not pregnant). He even has a couple names pick out for her. Auroa, Lilly, and Sleeping Beauty. I actually like the first two names, but Sleeping Beauty is a mouthful. Noah really will be a big help when we have a baby. I hope that we get a girl for Noah's sake. He keeps telling me he wants a little sister, and I'm not sure how excepting he'll be of a brother.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bells and whistles

So, I am overwhelmed with how many things there are to put on your blog. Makes me feel a bit inadequate. I want my favorite music playing with some family video and a few birthday calendars counting down. Maybe a photo album with the pictures turning themselves. You all know what I'm talking about, basically everything you all have. With my new commitment to blogging I checked out every (the few I do have) blog. I found that some people's invitation to their blogs have expired. Such as Emily and Deven's and Tami and Rick's (so we need a new invite to view yours). Anyway I going to get the blogging down and soon, with Jer's help, this is going to be an awesome blog!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exciting news

Nope, not a baby to announce, but I am going to win a trip to New York City to get my hair done! This is very exciting news. I stumbled across this contest in the Walgreen's rebate pamphlet. I really think that I'm going to win it too. The grand prize is round trip tickets to NYC with three friends two nights, and three days, with a $2,000 visa card. I have already entered the contest 21 times (each entry has to be individually post marked, or else I would have entered more) . I think that I want to take girlfriends, but Jer wants to go. I told him that there isn't a whole lot that the stylist would be able to do with his hair, especially since he just buzzed it Saturday. So hopefully he will see that it is just a waste if he were to come and that his spot would be better spent with one of my friends. I also decided since I am going to win a hair do and whatever else they want to do with my hair, that I could cancel my hair appointment for later this month.

Finding time to blog

I think that I might , might try and blog while the boys take their naps. I have a hard time trying to find time to blog. One, I am a very slow typer, two, I think that I am basically computer illiterate, and three, I can't spell. So what would take most people say, 20 minutes to blog, will take me more like an hour. But I think I'm willing to give up my afternoon nap occasionally to blog once a week. Is that how often I should, do others blog about that much? I haven't wanted to commit in the past because I didn't want to come off as a slacker, but now that that is obvious I might as well try.