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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't count me out!

I'm here and I'm actually blogging! The long delay of posting was mostly because once Porter was born, the office (computer room/scrapbook room/craft room) got changed into Porter's room. We have now finished a room in the basement for Noah and Hyrum, all but the flooring, and are waiting to put that in once the basement is a bit further along. But if you know of anyone (local) getting rid of their carpet let me know! I would love to cover up the cement and possibly save a head or two from getting cracked. Anyway what I'm trying to say is that Porter has moved into the Boy's old room, and I get my office back! The posting might become a regular thing again.

I guess I'll do a quick update. Noah started kindergarten this school year. He does love it, but he is getting in trouble often for talking too much. You all know that Noah's a talker (he takes after his father). Noah has lost two teeth, but they grew back in within a month.
Hyrum is currently sick with a high fever. He keeps telling me he feels well and that I'm sick. Even though he's sick he still has his humor. He has almost adjusted to Noah going to school. He tries almost every morning to go to school with Noah, then throws a horrible fit when Jer tells him he can't go with.

Porter is eight months now. Yeah I said eight! He is so stinking cute. He has been crawling since he was six months, and I mean full on crawling and he's fast too! Noah crawled at six months as well, but he did the army crawl for over a month. Porter practiced for maybe a week than he was a pro. Porter was eating a baby food or two for each meal, but I guess the growing spree has slowed down now.

Jer is doing a side business (maybe premature of me to say) which is web design. He got a new computer to do all the designing on. He is very excited to have a new computer. We have had the same one since we got married. Which is fine for me, but not for Jer, since he grew up in the computer business, and has had top of the line computers his whole life. Jer has also started P90X, which is an extreme workout video. He loves it and hasn't missed a work out since he started two of three weeks ago. We can see results and that keeps him going. Eventually I plan on doing it with him. I'm just waiting until Porter lets me have decent sleep again.

With the season getting cold we are now a one car family (we sold our truck and Jer's motorcycle wont cut it). It's a bit difficult, but we make it work. I would rather save our money and finish the basement, or save up to buy our next vehicle with cash (probably a mini van). So about the mini van thing. I know I've sworn never to buy a mini van but the more I think about it why wouldn't I? Mini vans get much better gas mileage than SUVs. They are easier to get in and out of, especially with baby car seats. They can hold a ton of luggage. There is plenty of leg room. You can access your kids easier when traveling. I always had in mind that I would be the Denali kind of mom. Which I guess is possible when moneys no longer an object. But for now money matters.

(Side note-those of you who voted on the best picture in an earlier post would care to know I am in the top ten. So the chances of me winning the wii are pretty good. Or I could win an Ipod nano, which I would be pretty excited about as well).

Noah was playing a little too rough, and too far from mom and dad. He learned a lesson, or so he says. This is Noah after losing his second tooth. He even let Jer pull it out.This is the 1st day of kindergarten. Isn't he handsome?We let Hyrum dress up in Noah's old soccer clothes to go to Noah's games. Hyrum is so ready for soccer he just has to wait another year!These are my boys taken on Sunday.