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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Baby!

I could be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! I thought I could just post it, rather than send a lame (sorry if that offends) text message to everyone I know. We don't have unlimited text messaging like the rest of the world, so every text we recieve, or send cost us a quarter each! What happen to two cent to recieve, and a dime to send? It comes out to be a lot at the end of the month (but less than the amount of unlimited text messaging).

We will be celebrating the New Year at my sister Shasta's house. We have attempted to do a tradition of all the sibling getting together for a New Year's Party Celebration. I have a blast with my family. We will miss Sami and Caleb, who left here yesterday for home in Montana, and Justin and Layna. Hope to see you next time.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Cartoon

This is from The California Raisin's Claymation Christmas. It was very big in our family. If you have kids that sit on your lap while you blog too, they'll enjoy watching this.


Today I'm having a hard time. I blame it all on pregnancy hormones. Jer called to ask if it would be okay for him to work until 7:00pm on Christmas Eve and I started crying. I think that I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong so I can start up again. I feel terribly overwhelmed with Christmas, and I can't stop eating the treats from the neighbors. I'm suppose to meet my sisters at my dad's house to set up the Christmas Tree at 1:00, but I'm afraid I might have a come apart while I'm there, because I'm so sensitive today. You know how sisters are. If I give them warning, they'll probably just tease me more. I'm debating going at all. Sorry for the bad attitude. I'll try and be more positive.

I got an ultrasound yesterday. I'd love to show you the picture, but we don't have a scanner, so sorry. He has chubby cheeks (if that's possible for a three pound baby) and I think he looks like my side of the family. He had his face pressed up so close against my lower belly, that some of the pictures didn't work out. His nose is smooshed in one of the pictures. Oh, and his foot is right next to his ear.  I've started the count down, just over two months/eight weeks left . I think I'll have him on the 22nd of February. But I could be totally off. If I go the full term and not smug the numbers, like I've done all along, I could end up having this baby in March. I feel the 22nd is the most accurate though. I just have to have a disclamer if I do happen to go into March.

I want to post about my Birthday Party last week, but I want to wait until I get the pictures from my mom's camera. I might make Jer do it for me.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

This was fun, but a bit hard for me. I hope everyone I tagged does it, and anyone who wants to.

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."
1 embarrassing moment:
I'll try and shorten it, but I think I have to give a background for you to understand (Feel free to skip). I was somewhat dating a friend that lived in Cedar City, while I was living in Logan. He came up to see me for a weekend. I was sure that he wanted to take our friendship to the next level, when I didn't want that. I asked my sisters to not leave me alone with this guy, because I didn't want the oppurtunity for him to kiss me (again). So the weekend went well. We had a good time, and we were never left to ourselves. The day came that he had to head home. I gave him a hug, which he held on for too long, and right there in the parking lot with my sisters, and my sister's boyfriend watching he planted a kiss on me. It was so awkward and forced. I was totally caught off guard, and I'm sure my face showed it. It was funny because it was embarressing to everyone present (I think to him as well). I have my brother-in-law's face burnt into my memory with the most surprised look acrossed his face.
2 best friends: My hubby; & my sisters.
3 things you buy regularly: Walgreens rebates; Lucky Charms; & clothes.
4 places you want to go (and might actually REALLY go): Canada; Hawaii; Argentina; & Nauvoo.
5 goals for the upcoming year (that you might actually do): Lose 30 lbs (the pregnany weight); make Hyrum a baby album; daliy Book of Mormon study w/the fam; be a better mom; grow out my hair.
6 things most people don't know about you: I currently HATE my hair; I love making a nice breakfast, and I could eat breakfast for every meal; friends mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them; I hate cleaning bathrooms, and usually leave them for Jer; I listen to country music when I drive; & I'm excited for my third son!
7 things you would never say: No, I don't want to get my hair done; Can we skip dessert?; I don't want a nap; No, we can't be friends, I have too many; I don't feel like going to a party; Who wants mac and cheese for dinner?; I don't need to work out, I already look great in my swimsuit.
8 things you love about the Christmas season: Jesus Christ; my family being around; Christmas music & movies; work off; snow; decorating; the Christmas spirit; the smell of cinnamon, pine, & peppermint.
9 things you say to your kids: I love you; Stop fighting; Be nice to your brother; go to your room; can you please share; Do you need a nap; eat your food; No crying; & Can I have a kiss?
10 things you do a lot: Wash dishes; scrapbook; talk on the phone; whine about pregnancy; stay at home; rub my hair; clean up spills; eat cereal; call Jer; & brush my teeth.
11 things you would rather not live without: The gospel; families; friends; cell phone; cars; dishwashers; mattresses; internet; plumbing; Stargate Atlantis (I had to mention one of my geeky quirks); eye site; & ice cream.
12 people to tag: Shasta; Kathi; Sami; Jeremy (guys can do it too) Jaelyn; Kaycee; Cindy; Cami; Aunt Shelly; Aunt Linda; Rachelle; & Jenni.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Noah's First Blog (Not for Weak Stomachs)

Last night I woke up and ran in to my mom and dad's room. I was crying that I was afraid that I was going to throw up. My mom didn't understand me. She said, "Stop crying." Then, I threw up on my mom's arm and her sheet. My dad said, "Noah! Where do you throw up?!" Then, my dad grabbed me and ran me in his bathroom. And, then he put me by the toilet. Then, I threw up in the toilet. Then, I had to take a bath. Then, my dad let me out of the bath. Then, I got back in bed. My dad gave me a tupperware, and we called it my throw up bowl. Then, I snuggled up in bed. Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl and then I burped! Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl again. Then, I burped again! Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl again... and I burped again! Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl, and then I threw up in my throw up bowl. And then, I threw up again. Then again. Then, I cried, "Mom!" And then, my dad got me out of bed.

Then, I got a drink of water. Then, I drunk and then I swished it around. Then, I spit it out. Then, I brushed my teeth. Then, I got some mouthwash. Then, I swooshed it around. Then, I spit it out. Then, my dad had a talk with me about sometimes Heavenly Father just knows the best thing that is right. Then, Hyrum got up. Then, he listened, too. Then, my dad put oil on my head. Then, Hyrum said, "Oil on my head?" Then, my dad said, "No." Then, my dad said, "Hyrum, I am giving Noah a blessing." Then, my dad said, "Hyrum, fold your arms. I am going to give Noah a blessing." Then, I got back in bed after the blessing. Then, I said, "Dad - how is Heavenly Father so powerful?" Then, my dad said, "He is perfect." Then, after the prayer, my dad put on my blankets. Then, I slept. Then, I woke up and said, "I have good news - I am all better now!" Then, I got back in bed.

The End!

This is Noah's first blog. He dictated this to me as I typed. I didn't help him with anything else. When you read it, it might seem long and tedious, but that's how my night went. I had some special experiences with the boys, but now I'm home sick. It was still worth it, though. Noah said to me before going to bed the third or fourth time, "Dad - I'm sorry I threw up on your wife." I told him it was okay - since the first shot didn't get on me while I was sleeping. Just kidding - I didn't say that.