2010 Summer Slideshow Album

Friday, August 28, 2009

I thought that I would tell the story about the snakes in the earlier post. My family (including my siblings and their families) were up at Little Creek Ranch for a family reunion. This was in May. The kids were out and about playing in the grass and in the play yard. Most of the adults were inside of the cabin. Noah comes running into the house, "I just saw a rattle snake." I believed that he saw a snake, maybe not a rattle snake, but knowing Noah as well as I do, I thought he was probably right. He knows snakes pretty good, he's quite observant, and he tells the truth. Most of the fam thought he was making up a story. Jer had Noah carefully show him where he saw the snake, and sure enough it was a rattler. My bother-in-law Tom came walking over in flip flops to check it out, and he almost stepped on a second rattle snake. So as the pictures tell, we killed them. Sad and cruel, I know, but we couldn't have them around our kids.
In one of the pictures you can tell that I am utterly disgusted was the grosses thing I have ever done. Ten times worst than you think it would be. The snakes, although their heads were gone, kept coiling up and climbing down the tree stump. They were cold and muscley, and would not hold still. Nasty!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pick a Picture

Hey I need your vote. I'm in a contest for the best summer fun photo...in the "got metal?" T-shirt. It's a little vague, but that's all the instructions I have. I can only submit one photo. Let me know which one of the bunch you like best ( yes, I know the photos are all similar). I don't have time to change the direction of the pix. If I win I'll let you come play on the wii and I'm going to win(positive thinking). Sorry for the lame blog. But it's why I was on the computer, to send my photo in.
P.S. the got metal has to do with the braces if you haven't figured that out.