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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry For The Delay

It's been more than a month, I guess it's time to post. Porter is an amazing baby. So today he is eight weeks, and he slept eight hours straight last night. Yes, I'm sure everyone is jealous! Not a peep in those eight hours. Now don't worry I know that he's still young, but he's getting chubby, and he's healthy. He's putting on weight really well. Porter is such a sweet heart. He is the easiest baby I've had. And both Noah and Hyrum were great babies. I do get a little credit for Porter sleeping thought the night. Because at first he had his day and nights mixed up, so I've had to work with him.

We blessed Porter on Sunday. Jer gave a wonderful blessing. We had much support from our friends and family. And we were glad so many could attend. The weather wasn't very nice for the luncheon, but we made due. We had to do it outside because there were about 50 of us, and church was still going on. It will be remembered because we were all freezing to death. Good times! I didn't really get pictures of the event, because so much was going on. I did get a picture of me holding Porter and that's it. So I'll post that. (I can't find it right now I'll post it later).

Today's the first day of the week that Jer's gone to work for the whole day. He's been sick with laryngitis all week. I'm so glad that his voice has returned. I was tired of feeling like Jer was mad at me. You know, with the silent treatment. I wasn't the only one to think Jer was upset with them either, I overheard Noah tell his cousin Adam that his dad was furious, after checking in on the two of them while they were playing in Noah's room. It was fun to have Jer here, but he threw our ajenda off. I also got tired of answering his phone calls and trying to interpert Jer's signing to the person on the phone.