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Monday, January 25, 2010

Porter at 11 months

Porter is nearing his first birthday so I thought I would give an update. Porter loves to suck on his fingers (the first two on his right hand). He loves his special little blanket, which he wont go to sleep without. He also loves french toast. Porter is very curious. He opens every cupboard in the kitchen and tries to pull everything out. He also randomly throws things in the trash. Porter has begun taking a step without help. He says ball, boo, daddy, and I think momma (it hasn't been confirmed by anyone else yet).

He is actually a mamma's boy and a daddy's boy. Porter chased Jer all over the house this morning to get some attention and cried at his feet until he got what he wanted. Porter also cried when daddy left the house this morning.

Porter has many nicknames. I'll list as many as I can remember; Popo (most popular), Po-dizzal, Rockwell, The Rock, Rocky, Rocky Raccoon. Most of which are derivatives of the other. Hopefully we'll drop Popo soon (it means pooh in Spanish).

In less than a month I'll be done nursing him (hallelujah!) I am grateful that I have been able to nurse a whole year- but I can't wait till daddy's just as capable as mommy is with Porter, and I can get out of the house for longer intervals. Popo is as smart as can be. He tries to type on the keyboard, change the channel to the TV, open mommy's phone, and he can't leave the gate to the downstairs alone after he sees someone access it. I think we might have another genius on our hands.