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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Baby!

I could be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! I thought I could just post it, rather than send a lame (sorry if that offends) text message to everyone I know. We don't have unlimited text messaging like the rest of the world, so every text we recieve, or send cost us a quarter each! What happen to two cent to recieve, and a dime to send? It comes out to be a lot at the end of the month (but less than the amount of unlimited text messaging).

We will be celebrating the New Year at my sister Shasta's house. We have attempted to do a tradition of all the sibling getting together for a New Year's Party Celebration. I have a blast with my family. We will miss Sami and Caleb, who left here yesterday for home in Montana, and Justin and Layna. Hope to see you next time.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Cartoon

This is from The California Raisin's Claymation Christmas. It was very big in our family. If you have kids that sit on your lap while you blog too, they'll enjoy watching this.


Today I'm having a hard time. I blame it all on pregnancy hormones. Jer called to ask if it would be okay for him to work until 7:00pm on Christmas Eve and I started crying. I think that I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong so I can start up again. I feel terribly overwhelmed with Christmas, and I can't stop eating the treats from the neighbors. I'm suppose to meet my sisters at my dad's house to set up the Christmas Tree at 1:00, but I'm afraid I might have a come apart while I'm there, because I'm so sensitive today. You know how sisters are. If I give them warning, they'll probably just tease me more. I'm debating going at all. Sorry for the bad attitude. I'll try and be more positive.

I got an ultrasound yesterday. I'd love to show you the picture, but we don't have a scanner, so sorry. He has chubby cheeks (if that's possible for a three pound baby) and I think he looks like my side of the family. He had his face pressed up so close against my lower belly, that some of the pictures didn't work out. His nose is smooshed in one of the pictures. Oh, and his foot is right next to his ear.  I've started the count down, just over two months/eight weeks left . I think I'll have him on the 22nd of February. But I could be totally off. If I go the full term and not smug the numbers, like I've done all along, I could end up having this baby in March. I feel the 22nd is the most accurate though. I just have to have a disclamer if I do happen to go into March.

I want to post about my Birthday Party last week, but I want to wait until I get the pictures from my mom's camera. I might make Jer do it for me.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

This was fun, but a bit hard for me. I hope everyone I tagged does it, and anyone who wants to.

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."
1 embarrassing moment:
I'll try and shorten it, but I think I have to give a background for you to understand (Feel free to skip). I was somewhat dating a friend that lived in Cedar City, while I was living in Logan. He came up to see me for a weekend. I was sure that he wanted to take our friendship to the next level, when I didn't want that. I asked my sisters to not leave me alone with this guy, because I didn't want the oppurtunity for him to kiss me (again). So the weekend went well. We had a good time, and we were never left to ourselves. The day came that he had to head home. I gave him a hug, which he held on for too long, and right there in the parking lot with my sisters, and my sister's boyfriend watching he planted a kiss on me. It was so awkward and forced. I was totally caught off guard, and I'm sure my face showed it. It was funny because it was embarressing to everyone present (I think to him as well). I have my brother-in-law's face burnt into my memory with the most surprised look acrossed his face.
2 best friends: My hubby; & my sisters.
3 things you buy regularly: Walgreens rebates; Lucky Charms; & clothes.
4 places you want to go (and might actually REALLY go): Canada; Hawaii; Argentina; & Nauvoo.
5 goals for the upcoming year (that you might actually do): Lose 30 lbs (the pregnany weight); make Hyrum a baby album; daliy Book of Mormon study w/the fam; be a better mom; grow out my hair.
6 things most people don't know about you: I currently HATE my hair; I love making a nice breakfast, and I could eat breakfast for every meal; friends mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them; I hate cleaning bathrooms, and usually leave them for Jer; I listen to country music when I drive; & I'm excited for my third son!
7 things you would never say: No, I don't want to get my hair done; Can we skip dessert?; I don't want a nap; No, we can't be friends, I have too many; I don't feel like going to a party; Who wants mac and cheese for dinner?; I don't need to work out, I already look great in my swimsuit.
8 things you love about the Christmas season: Jesus Christ; my family being around; Christmas music & movies; work off; snow; decorating; the Christmas spirit; the smell of cinnamon, pine, & peppermint.
9 things you say to your kids: I love you; Stop fighting; Be nice to your brother; go to your room; can you please share; Do you need a nap; eat your food; No crying; & Can I have a kiss?
10 things you do a lot: Wash dishes; scrapbook; talk on the phone; whine about pregnancy; stay at home; rub my hair; clean up spills; eat cereal; call Jer; & brush my teeth.
11 things you would rather not live without: The gospel; families; friends; cell phone; cars; dishwashers; mattresses; internet; plumbing; Stargate Atlantis (I had to mention one of my geeky quirks); eye site; & ice cream.
12 people to tag: Shasta; Kathi; Sami; Jeremy (guys can do it too) Jaelyn; Kaycee; Cindy; Cami; Aunt Shelly; Aunt Linda; Rachelle; & Jenni.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Noah's First Blog (Not for Weak Stomachs)

Last night I woke up and ran in to my mom and dad's room. I was crying that I was afraid that I was going to throw up. My mom didn't understand me. She said, "Stop crying." Then, I threw up on my mom's arm and her sheet. My dad said, "Noah! Where do you throw up?!" Then, my dad grabbed me and ran me in his bathroom. And, then he put me by the toilet. Then, I threw up in the toilet. Then, I had to take a bath. Then, my dad let me out of the bath. Then, I got back in bed. My dad gave me a tupperware, and we called it my throw up bowl. Then, I snuggled up in bed. Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl and then I burped! Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl again. Then, I burped again! Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl again... and I burped again! Then, I grabbed my throw up bowl, and then I threw up in my throw up bowl. And then, I threw up again. Then again. Then, I cried, "Mom!" And then, my dad got me out of bed.

Then, I got a drink of water. Then, I drunk and then I swished it around. Then, I spit it out. Then, I brushed my teeth. Then, I got some mouthwash. Then, I swooshed it around. Then, I spit it out. Then, my dad had a talk with me about sometimes Heavenly Father just knows the best thing that is right. Then, Hyrum got up. Then, he listened, too. Then, my dad put oil on my head. Then, Hyrum said, "Oil on my head?" Then, my dad said, "No." Then, my dad said, "Hyrum, I am giving Noah a blessing." Then, my dad said, "Hyrum, fold your arms. I am going to give Noah a blessing." Then, I got back in bed after the blessing. Then, I said, "Dad - how is Heavenly Father so powerful?" Then, my dad said, "He is perfect." Then, after the prayer, my dad put on my blankets. Then, I slept. Then, I woke up and said, "I have good news - I am all better now!" Then, I got back in bed.

The End!

This is Noah's first blog. He dictated this to me as I typed. I didn't help him with anything else. When you read it, it might seem long and tedious, but that's how my night went. I had some special experiences with the boys, but now I'm home sick. It was still worth it, though. Noah said to me before going to bed the third or fourth time, "Dad - I'm sorry I threw up on your wife." I told him it was okay - since the first shot didn't get on me while I was sleeping. Just kidding - I didn't say that.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Edward was not dreamy

I am really glad some of you enjoyed Twilight (totally sincere), I, however, couldn't have been more disappointed. Sorry to be negative. I didn't have high expectations, because I was aware of the actors, and actresses they chose beforehand. And also the movie is never as good as the book. So my expectations were pretty low already. I could go on, but I wont because many of you liked it. But to let my opinion out I was sorely disappointed.

On a side note (which you may feel contradicts what I said earlier) I did enjoy it, and I'm glad I went. I had a good time hanging out with my sisters, friend, and mom. We made memories in the freezing cold, wearing blankets wrapped around us for an hour, standing outside in the line. I love the screaming and awwing as Edward first appeared in the film. The contest for the loudest Edward fan did get a bit on my nerves, but that's expected opening night.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/21/2008 - No, I can't hang out with you

So I want to blog. I just don't have anything worth saying. When I come up with the time to get on the computer, I spend it trying to get caught up by reading everyone else' blog (not complaining). I'm way excited because all my siblings are now blogging, minus Roni, (which will never happen) and Justin. I've also kept busy maintaining my sisters' blogs and I'm trying to help them learn how to do it themselves.

This weekend I got 100 photos developed, and I've already scrap booked them all! Now I'm sad because I don't have any other pictures to work with.

My baby-sitting is going really well. I only watch the two girls now (Kai 1 1/2 and JaeLeigh 2 months). This is so much easier for me with one less baby.

I kinda feel dumb saying this because so many people are into Twilight, but I'm excited to see it on Friday. I'm going with three of my sisters, my mom, and my friend Jordon. What woman isn't going to see it? I hope it doesn't suck. I guess I'll have to go with low expectations. At least I'll have a GNO.

***This wasn't written by Jer. He pointed out that his name was at the bottom, and he was pretty embarrassed. It was by Kristi.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Only A Week Late

Jer and I were the Beckhams again, Noah's the red dragon, & Hyrum's a frog.
I guess I'll do a post on Halloween (all the cool blogs are doing it). Some years, don't you just feel that some Holidays are overrated? I think it was my fault this year. I was pretty excited for parties, candy, and taking my kids around all night. I was maybe living vicariously through my kids.

We first did a carnival thingy and moved on to trick or treat some of my families' houses, and a few in their neighborhood. It took us (Jer driving our car beside us, and me walking Noah and Hyrum to the doors) about two hours to do a dozen houses. We headed home a little after eight. I still wanted to hit more houses, and stop by our neighbors, so I had Jer drop me and the boys off at the top of the street. After we were dropped off, I noticed that about half the houses had their lights off, at 8:30 what de heck? Isn't that when the teenages start? Anyway, about that time I realized that my two boys were ready to be home, in bed. Not because they were asking for bed, but because they were out of control, not listening to a word I said, and running through every house that opened their doors to us. So I basically dragged the two of them home. I think we hit three houses down our street.

The evening was done at nine o'clock on a weekend. I sure was dissappionted. I think I felt I let the boys down, and myself as well. I know that the kids had fun. That's all that matters right? That's why I didn't really care to blog about it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Beckhams

We went to a Halloween party tonight at our neighbors' house. It was pretty fun. There were all kinds of funny couple costumes there. We had Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Palins, a pregnant nun with her hip hop priest, cereal killers (spelled correctly - it's a pun), and tons more. But, the best costumes in my opinion were the Beckhams. Here is a picture:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pay It Forward

I almost forgot to do this. I signed up from my friend Tennille's blog to do a "Pay It Forward" thing. I think it's a cute idea. I hope I can explain it right. I will for the first three people to respond to this, send them a cute gift (I'm not letting you in on what it will be).  Um I'm having a hard time with my words... here's Tennille's post: 

"I'm participating in a Pay It Forward Exchange. Who wants to play? I will send a handmade gift to the first three people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this Pay It Forward Exchange. You will receive your gift within a month from leaving your comment. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. I can't guarantee it will be anything amazing, but who cares if it is FREE! 
Remember, you have to have a blog to participate and must Pay it Forward on your site as well. Who's ready to play?"

So, yeah, "who's ready to play?"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh Garden Salsa

Isn't that a pretty picture. Those were grown in our garden and used later to make salsa. We didn't grow the limes, cilantro, or garlic, but everything else we did. Actually, we don't have our own garden, but the neighbors let us plant in theirs. We were too worried the prairie dogs would eat a garden up. Next year we'll come up with some kind of fence, but for now we're grateful to the Andersens for letting us share with them. (And yes, this was taken before the frost. I've been meaning to blog it for awhile but haven't got around to it until now. At least it was me who blogged this time. I do feel guilty that this is my first blog in a month.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi - I'm in Delaware...

cI put way too many pics on here, but we haven't had pics forever..

San Juan Capistrano [Sunday]
Best Buddies, Kelly and Rachelle - Thanks for the bed!
Where I come from, we HATE trees that just won't die!
Joep and me at the pier - He looks more American than me in this one...
I love that Kappa jacket.
Mmmm... just getting started. We ate dessert FIRST! Boo yah!
Scoring 'husband points' for the wanna-be surprise vacation [read prior post]
She totally didn't know I took this picture...
Double-Decker bus downtown - free
Captain's Reception - Free Fruit Punches!
Catalina Island
The guy that took this photo had the WEIRDEST accent and had no idea how to run a camera
Ahh, La Bufadora - one of the 7 great wonders of the world
Aguante San Lorenzo!
And we came home to this:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kristi's Surprise Vacation

A few months ago, I decided that Kristi and I needed a vacation before we had this third child. I figured that we would have a tough time finding babysitters for our two boys, let alone finding sitters for three kids. So, from here on out, we're consigned to family vacations (which I'm actually looking forward to, but will probably change my tune after the very first day of the very first one).

Another reason why I wanted to do this is that I have seen that our life here in this tabernacle of clay can be a very fickle thing. I could literally pass away any day. Our day-to-day existence really is a blessing from God. I'm sure that a bunch of you reading this know that we had a tragedy in Southern Utah a couple of months ago. I knew several of the people that died in the plane crash, and I knew a few of those that were left behind. My mind wandered a lot the first few days after the accident. I kept thinking of the pilot's 7 year-old son who celebrated his birthday the day after his father died in the plane crash. If you want to read more about what happened, click here. After my soul searching, I decided to take some of our savings and go on a fun vacation before stealthy ninja #3 arrives in Feb. I digress, but I'm really stoked on another boy...

So, I began planning by asking around to see if anyone would want to go on a 5-day vacation with us. Since we would be using our savings, and I'm so cheap, my options were limited. Everyone I asked said that they couldn't go - so I asked if they would babysit my boys while I took Kristi on a very short week-long vacation. One person I asked said yes, but sounded a little worried. I asked him why he sounded so unsure, and his delicate answer was, "Well, they umm... move around quite a bit." My reply, "You mean they're rowdy?" He concurred.

I was planning this even before our trip to Logan for Labor Day, and Kristi was completely oblivious to all of this. I was able to arrange free lodging in So Cal the nights before the cruise, as well as free and secure parking. I informed all of the parents of the kids that Kristi babysits with plenty of time to find other sitters. I had everything all set. Then, about 5 days before the vacation, Kristi and I were talking before bed and she said something about hanging out with Ron and Elaine. I said, "we have our 'special date' on Saturday... maybe they can come too." By 'special date,' I meant cleaning the house for Ron & Elaine (who would be watching our kids here at the house for a few days). I wouldn't let her plan anything for Saturday because I knew she would freak if we left the house dirty. BUT, to my dismay, she got really gitty and said, "Ooh! Are they really coming with us?!" I chuckled and said, "Oh, if you only knew..." To which she replied, "I already know, Jer - Are they coming with us, really?"

At that point, I was like, "HOLD UP! WHAT do you know and WHO told you?"

Then, I found out that when we left our phone chargers in Logan, after her phone died, I lent her my phone 'for emergencies' since we don't have a home phone. She turned it off and went about her day. She turned on the phone and saw 4 voicemails. She just knew they were from me trying to get a hold of her. Well, they weren't - she must have forgotten that we were chatting on google talk like every 20 minutes that day...

One message was from her brother saying that he would watch our kids, one was from my buddy in SoCal saying that we could crash at his place, one was from ROYAL CARIBBEAN, and the other was from Ron and Elaine saying that they could watch our kids at our house while we were on vacation. So, it was ruined a full month before we even left!

Did Kristi say anything to me? NO! She just kept to herself - all mums! I felt like I had been played like never before.

Needless to say, the vacation was awesome and well-worth all my troubles. Pictures in the next post.

PS - sorry to be so verbose here, but I really had to get this off my chest and vent to the blogging universe. Now, I believe I am at peace...

One More Man in the Family

Yes, we are having another boy. I am pretty excited. When we saw the ultrasound, Noah and I said "woo hoo!" Kristi, however, said "boo hoo." She was pretty sad for a few days. But, she is okay with it now. We have a couple names that we are thinking about, but we aren't going to tell anyone. So there! I'll give you a hint, though - he won't be named after a city.

Ooh, I take that back. I just checked google maps, and my favorite name choice appears as a city in MN, NY, IN, and NM. Hmm... oh well - it's still my favorite.

I love my boys so much, and I have a really good time playing with them. I am very excited to have another boy. Kristi wasn't excited until last Thursday. We were on vacation in Mexico, and were talking with a couple from Idaho with 3 boys (oldest is on a mission in Paraguay right now). The mom said that she cried for three weeks when she found out that the third was going to be a boy. But, she told us that she wouldn't have it any other way. She has really enjoyed doing all of the boy things like snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, not going to dance recitals, etc. She said that it was really nice because she was always the princess in the house, and didn't have any competition. I laughed at that, but it was what made Kristi the most optimistic about having three boys. The reason being that she could actually raise gentlemen without a daughter. She really wanted a sister to soften up the boys so that they would treat women and girls appropriately and mind how they behaved around females. But, after talking with this lady in Mexico, Kristi realized that the boys can grow up being chivalrous and well-behaved - even if they didn't have a sister. So, she's excited now to raise three good boys that will treat her like a princess (and treat their future wives like princesses).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've Found Patience

I started my own little daycare. I watch three kids and my two boys everyday. I wouldn't say it's easy, because sometimes I am running to get everyone taken care of, but usually it's calm. I can say that I have been blessed with more patience. Here's why I say that. Yesterday I went visiting teaching, and I took Hyrum and Noah with me. Noah got a little crazy (lack of nap). So I had him sit with my while the other kids played. He didn't like that much and he started one of those world class fits. I had to leave because of it. Usually when Noah throws those big fits I, you might say, throw a fit as well. This time, however, I didn't get upset. I actually thought it was pretty funny. Not in that way "do it again", more like "he's crazy, stay away", but I was glad that I could laugh it off rather than be angry. I did tell Noah that he was going psyco which probably I shouldn't have. I am improving. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wood Happenings

I don't get on the computer much lately. I've been baby-sitting two kids. So during the day I'm busy, and my evening I try not to get on the computer because I always stay way too long. It's the only time I get to see my husband so I usually hangout with him. Tonight he's at scouts, so I don't feel guilty getting on. 
My days are going pretty well (I mentioned I care for two kids). The kids keep me busy. Tate is a baby that I watch, around six months old. He lives right next door. I also watch Kai (the Curtis' little girl). She's adorable. It's taken her a week to get use to my boys. She, like Hyrum sleeps a lot. So considering I have four kids at my house durning the day, my house is pretty quite, and under control. Butthat's  not always. I figure I'm preparing myself for my next baby this way.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

We're Back

We got home late Monday night from our little trip up north. I have pictures so I'll just let them tell the story and I'll narrate.
The first thing we did once we got to Logan was stop over at Willow Park Zoo. It is an amazing like park! It has all kinds of foreign animals. The boys were so excited to see them (it's the closest they've been to a zoo). I didn't get pictures of everything, but there were monkeys, birds or every sort, kangaroos, snakes, bobcats, just to name a few. I love this Willow Park. I remember going when I was about Noah's age. The zoo is free, they now ask for a donation, but I only had my checkbook, or a credit card on me, so that didn't happen. 
Here is Jer and Noah looking at a turtle and some ducks swimming around the turtles.
Yes, I look like a dork. I was posing, but I used this picture because we were all looking at the camera. You can see the pretty ducks in the back ground if you look this picture enlarged.
The ducks would get really close to the fence looking for food that people usually throw out.
Is it dead? No, the kangaroos don't do much here, except lay in the shade.
I can't remember the exact name of this pheasant, but it is now my favorite bird. It is "gorgeous" (say that with a British accent). Jer asked "How does this survive in the wild, it's impossible for it to blend in".  I don't know, but I'm glad I got to see it. The picture actually doesn't do it justice.

That's enough for now. I got bored, so I imagine you did too. I'll put up the other pix I have later.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Headed To Logan

We're going to go to Logan for the whole weekend. I'm so excited! We are going to my brother's in Alpine (I think) and sleeping over. We decided to break up the trip so the boys will handle it better. And so we could see my brothers too. I thought I would update, so you all don't think I've abandoned my blog. I don't have much time to write, I need to clean up the kitchen and make cookies before 3:30. We'll see if it is even possible. So Elder family, we'll see you up there (It's Grandpa Elder's birthday). -Oh and I still have to make him a birthday card. Gotta go.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Blogging Family

Keeping a blog is amazing! I can't believe all the people I can stay in contact with through blogging. I love being able to check up on your families, hear about the good news, as well the bad, read about your day, humorous stories or rantings, or find people that need my prayers (sometime complete strangers).

One thing that I wouldn't have expected, is that I've developed relationships with friends and family. I love having a friendship with my husband's cousins because of blogging. I think you're my biggest fans. I appreciate everyones comments and the inspirations they are to me. I hope to someday have a blogging relationship with the other side of my family. They aren't as "into it" as the Elder family is ( don't think anyone is). I'm the only one in my immediate family that blogs, which isn't a big deal, because we're all really close, but, I would love it if they would blog (hint, hint). Especially those who don't live close. I'm thankful for Steph in pushing me to start blogging. I am, and have been for awhile now, completely addicted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today I had my hands full. I watched three boys, not including my own two. It all went pretty smoothly though. I just had a lot I wanted to do around the house at the same time. I still was able, after babysitting for eight hours, to have fixed a nice dinner at 6:00 and my card-making group over at 7:00. The house was quite clean too. Some days I am impressed with myself. When I can get focused, I can accomplish a lot.
We had Jer's cousin, (which I also call my cousin) Mindy, over for dinner. She just moved back to Cedar to start the school year at SUU. I really missed her. We get along very well. The boys missed her a ton too. All through dinner Hyrum was saying Mindy's name over and over again, just to get her attention. Sometimes he would mumble "I missed you". Noah kept trying to out talk everyone. They were both fighting for her attention. It was cute. While I did clean-up -scrambling to get things ready for card-making- Jer helped move Mindy's stuff out of the basement. And then in to town to her house.
So here I am in a quiet, clean house, not knowing what to do with myself. That's why I blogged, I actually had time. Nothing of importance to say though.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So, You Think You Can Dance?

I don't really have anything new going on. So I'll blog about something from the past.

Here are the boys watching "So You Think You Can Dance". The boys weren't as into the dance as they were before I got out the camera (that's how it goes though). They both love to dance. Noah was trying to copy some of the moves he saw, and Hyrum usually copies Noah. They make me laugh. Hyrum has loved to dance since day one. I can't remember how old he was when he started to sway to the music, but he couldn't have been more than nine months.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Belief

I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds, but I was so appalled when I heard this song that I felt I needed to say something. The song is called "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it". If you haven't heard this song it doesn't sound horrid from the title, until you find out a girl sings it. The song is very popular right now, especially to our youth. I don't care to mention what the song goes on about, but just that I hate that our youth is being pressured to kiss the same sex, just to see if they like it. I can't imagine all the young girls that decided to try kissing a girl because of the song. It's like if they didn't try, then how do they know which sex they prefer. I feel I might offend someone with this post, I hope not. I can stand up for what I believe in, right? This world is so corrupt this scripture comes to my mind "Wo unto them that acall bevil good, and good evil, that put cdarkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ". I feel that the world is calling evil good, and good evil. I remember reading that scripture as a young child, and I remember being confused. That was partly because I was young and innocent, but also because it wasn't as obvious, or abundant as the meaning is today. I hope an pray that in this evil world we live in we can still raise virtuous, faithful children.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Soccer for the four year olds is a bit different. First off, they only scrimmage their own team and we only have two games a month. They don't have a goalie yet either. When the ball goes out of bounds they don't throw it in, they kick it instead. The kids really don't have a clue, but it's so darn cute to watch. The game on Saturday was better then any of the practices have went so far. It seems like they are picking up on some things. Here's a picture of the team cheer. What a cute coach they have (it's Jer).Here is my nephew Reagan and Hyrum playing on the field during half time. They're excited for a chance to play.
Noah is enjoying the treats that the moms brought. He needed the half time brake so he could collect his energy to play harder.
Not a lot going on here. But it's the only picture that turned out of Noah on the field.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haircut and Braces

Here are two pictures of my new haircut. It was two weeks ago, but most of you haven't seen it yet, so it's still new. I think I am the most unphotogenic person I know. Yeah, the lighting's horrible, but honestly it was the best I could do. Just imagine a stacked bob in the back. I think it's pretty cute.

You can see my braces in one of the pictures. My teeth have moved so much. Here is my reference point.

Not too crooked, but I have a 100+ overbite. Sadly, Noah has the same teeth as I do. I will, however, put him in brace as soon as the dentist suggest. I got in them a bit late. Better late then never though.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Movement!

Jer told me to get ready for our date and get off the computer. But the baby just pushed or kicked or something, so I thought I would share. You may think that I can't feel it yet, since I'm not even to the third month yet, but with the third baby you can recognize when they move.
My doctor's appt. was on Monday. Jer kept teasing me while the nurse was in the room that I was going to have twins (he knows I'm scared to death of that). He's also a bit suspicious because I have been eating like mad, so much worse than I did with the other two pregnancies. I have gained six pounds already! So Jer was teasing me that it might be twins so my doctor said we could do an ultrasound. It isn't twins, but it is measuring six days ahead of my due date. My doctor said that they don't move the due date up unless it measures seven days or more ahead. But I have alway delivered before my due date so I went ahead and moved my own due date. Instead of the 27th it is now the 22nd of February. In the ultrasound you can see quite a bit; feet (which looked quite large), ribs, shoulders, ears pretty amazing!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Almost a Post

I haven't felt like blogging lately. I am getting out of my rut, although I still don't do much. I really need to change up my blog and that includes a lot of work. I think that's why I've avoided posting. I am so sick of the pink polka dots that I don't even want to look at them. Jer says that's a pregnant thing to say.... maybe, I don't know. I also have been very tied up reading The New Dawn. I don't want to go into it because some of you might be reading it, or will someday.
Here are a couple topics I was going to blog about if I could have made time in the last week or two.
1. I got my hair chopped. I will get up to posting pictures.
2. We got a puppy. Jer's first dog!
3. My doctors visit. I even got an ultrasound!
4. Noah's soccer game.
Maybe I could go into detail later. I need a nap right now. I will be out of the first trimester on Monday. Hopefully this tired thing, and the nausea will wear (I don't know how to spell that kind of "wear") off.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movie Trivia XIII

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it."

Scott was the winner.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Movie Trivia XII

Oh, Fay, this is so scrumptious. Is this hand-shucked?

Ron beat you all to it.

Not Much To Tell

So I'm working on my rut. I am doing better- thanks to all the encouragement and advice from you all. I got a schedule going, sometimes it works, but mostly I've eased up on myself. I'm at a time in my life when life really isn't exciting, but I still need to do stuff. Whatever I'm pregnant, yes it was planned, but I've been having a hard time dealing with the sickness, nausea, mood swings- mostly orneriness- and hunger pangs. That explains my rut. I wanted to do a cute blog a the little baby count down to inform everyone, but I haven't yet so there it is. We're excited and I am saving up the extra pennies- in case it's a girl- to go shopping. I don't find out for nine more weeks what we're having, but keep your fingers crossed that it's a girl. Friday is my first doctors appointment. I will be 10 weeks along then. So I guess there was much to tell, but I'm not changing the title.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Trivia XI

Hey, psycho - we're not gonna discuss this, OK, it's over. Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.

Jen won this one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Four random things I like about my husband:
1. He helps out in the kitchen.
2. He gives me back rubs.
3. He gets the boys ready for bed every night.
4. He's always the first one to say I'm sorry (He's an example to me).

Four jobs I've had:
1. Brian Head Ski Resort (lifty).
2. Subway Sandwiches, sandwich artist (that's what I would put on my resumes).
3. Movie Theater.
4. Motel 6, house keeper, later promoted to desk clerk!

Four movies I've watched more than once (actually at least 20 times each):
1. Happy Gilmore
2. Billy Madison
3. One Crazy Summer
4. Better Off Dead

Four T.V. shows I watch:
1. Stargate Atlantis (kind of nerdy of me, I know)
2. The Office
3. House
4. So You Think You Can Dance

Four places I've been:
1. Tijuana
2. Portland
3. Moab
4. Cancun

Four places I want to go:
1. Ireland
2. Hawaii
3. Argentina
4. London

Four people who email me regularly:
1. Jer
2. Menus 4 Moms
3. Fiona
4. My mom

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Homemade cookies
2. Chicken Scampy (Olive Garden)
3. Pork Burritos (Cafe Rio)
4. Chicken Parmesan

Four things I'm looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Noah's first soccer game (Aug. 3rd)! (Jer corrected me, Sat. is the 2nd, not on Sun.)
2. An awesome GNO to Twilight.
3. Finishing a room or two in our basement.
4. Reading Brisingr, and Breaking Dawn.
(My life's full of adventure).

Four people I tag.
1. Jen N Jordan
2. Charity
3. Steph
4. Elaine

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie Trivia X

Character #1 "You must be Igor."
Igor "No, it's pronounced 'eye-gor.' "
Character #1 "But they told me it was 'ee-gor.' "
Igor "Well, they were wrong then, weren't they?"

Ron got it right! Young Frankenstein, go rent this classic if you've never seen it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm In A Rut

I have a hard time getting out of my bed in the morning. I'm kind of in this slump. My boys get up between 6:00 to 6:30, and I can't see why I need to get up that early. I let them what a cartoon or two before I finally talk myself into getting up. Yes, I do feel guilty for letting them watch so much T.V. However, this week I justified it because we turn off the dish T.V. on Saturday, so we have to take advantage of it while we still can.
I usually love the summer. I love to go to the park, work on the yard, go on walks, and take play-dates. But due to the cost of gas, I get out maybe 1/3 as much as I would usually. The heat is also a factor. It takes a lot out of ya. Mostly I blame my laziness. I could still get out without wasting gas, but I don't really. I need some motivation. I'm kind of in a rut I guess. I feel I haven't a whole lot to look forward to. Blogging is sometimes the highlight of my day, that and when Jer comes home. I did get to go grocery shopping yesterday. I took Jer and the boys with because I wasn't feeling up to the task on my own. I haven't the desire to plan out my weekly menu, so I went to menu4moms and just printed it out. It's a bit expensive, but your five meals are planned out along with a completed grocery list. I always have tons of leftovers too. It make life easier.
I'm not sure why I wrote this blog. It's a bit depressing. I would be grateful to anyone who could help me out here. Let me know how, or what you do if you ever get like this. Now you know why I've skipped out on blogging, and mostly done the movie trivia lately.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movie Trivia IX

"My dear, sweet brother Numpsy!"

I'll be amazed with anyone who gets this!

We didn't really have a winner here. On to the next one.
(see comments)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Movie Trivia IIX

Character #1 "There are 72,519 stones in my walls. I've counted them many times."
Character #2 "But have you named them yet?"

That's two in a row Jen.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Listening To Your Child's Prayer

Noah is so good at remembering to pray. He even started adding a prayer before his nap! We started him saying personal prays quite young and he taken to them obsessively, which is good.
Sometimes Noah ask me to stay while he is saying his prayers. Sometimes I tell Noah I have a lot to do (when the boys go down at the end of the day, it's my time to finally get somethings accomplished).
The other day in church someone made a comment that you should take the time to listen to your children's prayers while they are young, because there comes a time when they don't want mommy and daddy listening anymore. You no longer know what they are asking Heavenly Father for, or their relationship with Him.
I realized that Sunday that I always have time to listen to Noah pray. Not only that, but it's a privilege to be able to listen in. I also realized that now is the time to develop the close relationships that will last through out their lives. It is so much easier to start young with your children.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Movie Trivia VII

"This is my ninth sick day this semester. It's pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. If I go for ten, I'm probably going to have to barf up a lung, so I better make this one count."

Jen, you got it.
We're moving up the ladder to the harder ones.

Movie Trivia VI

"I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M's and like 3 pieces of licorice."

Way to go Mandy

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our 4th of July

We'll start off at the beginning of the day. At 6:10 am Jer kissed me good-bye and he was off to wait for the 5K race. Hyrum came in at the same time and so I got up. The boys usually get up round that time, but I still dread it, and do my best to sleep in. I decided to walk down to where Jer would be racing. We woke up Noah, got dressed, and I gave the boys a banana to eat in the stroller, on the way down.

We got down to the park in time to see daddy getting ready for the race. This is at the starting line. And they're off (Jer's in the orange).

After that I just chased Hyrum around, and around, and around. He did the cutest thing, he would say go, ready, go, and take off running. I was tired of fighting him, so I stayed close by.This is Hyrum running through the finish line. I had to be careful because he didn't care who was coming through, he was racing!

Jer did well, he came in 2nd in his age range. I'm not sure if he'll be upset that I'm posting his time. It was 22:09. He and the guys he ran with decided that it was 200 yards further then a 5K. So all of their times were a bit longer.

Then we headed over to Parowan, where my twin lives, for the parade. In this picture the boys are dancing to the drill team's music.

Noah's showing his candy. The 2nd one is Jer with the boys plus my nephew Adam. Hyrum and my sister Shasta (in the last picture) . Hyrum is working his magic, begging for candy.

In Parowan, after the parade everyone heads over to the park to have races. (It's a small town) Everyone that races gets a twin-pop! Hyrum wouldn't even budge after the starting sound. The fire engine sounded it's siren to start the race, and scared Hyrum half to death. Noah did good. Here he's racing his cousin Adam (On the right). They're very competitive. I did the mother and son three-legged race, but of course there are no pictures of me.
The boys are being entertained with sparklers. The second picture is my nephew Jason, in the background is Noah and another nephew, Reagan. After the races in Parowan we went back to our house in Enoch. Luckily the boys did get a nap before we head down in the strollers to the park again. (The park is probably a mile from my house and I walked it three times that day) We finished off the evening with the fireworks. We got to the park around 8:30, but the fireworks didn't start until 10:00. So we had a great time chasing our boys around, trying to find them, and keeping them out of other people's stuff. Just talking about the day makes me tired again. Enjoy this clip of how the majority of my day went.

The first laugh is Jer's and the second one is my mom's. Maybe they could have given me a heads up?! I was picking up the candy for Hyrum, and bam, he gone. Did you notice they had to stop the horses? I was so embarrassed. And my bother-in-law says that Hyrum almost died. Whatever, it wasn't that close.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Twilight The Movie

Who's excited for this? It comes out two days after my Birthday!

Movie Trivia V

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"

Good work Whit. You knew memorizing the whole movie would come in handy one day.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Alike Than You Know

I've always said that Hyrum reminds me of my brother Ben. He has the same hairline, same cheeks, same ears, he jumps off of/falls off of everything, he has no fear, he is very creative and silly, he is very coordinated, he is very cuddly and kind, and he just has the same demeanor that Ben had at his age.

But, now we see that they are even more alike than any of us know... they both have their own artwork on their forearms...

Am I really ready for this kid?

The End Of the Shoe Story

Here's how I handle the shoe incident, this is right where I left off. I told the little boy to take off Noah's shoes. Then I told them that Noah could not play. I quickly got my shoes on and explained to Jer that I was going to talk to the mother. Jer asked me exactly what I was going to say, told me to calm down and not make accusations. I went over and was prepared to speak to the mom calmy, but at the same time let her know I was upset. The last thing I expected was to have to explain things to the dad, because the mom wasn't home.
I went up to him and told him the shoe his son had on were my son's. He told me "The brown leather ones, no those are my son's."
(I was atually expecting an apology for his response) I replied "The brown Osh Kosh, they're Noah's."
He said "Oh I didn't know they were Osh Kosh, yeah those aren't his." But he said this like what's the big deal?.
So I told him I wasn't upset, I just wanted him to know his son was out playing without any shoes on. The dad could careless.
And that's the end. I was unreasonably upset. But I feel I should have had at least an apology. I wasn't upset to the parent's face or anything. I think a big part of my being mad at the situation was that I felt, and feel, I can no longer trust the neighbors. And the other thing that upset me was that on my way over my other neighbors, (one that also have kids that Noah plays with) were blasting music from his truck with the F word every other word. I kind of felt violated in my little trusted LDS neighborhood. Like a rude awakening. I didn't handle everything the best way, but I defiantly could have done worst. Thanks for the feedback earlier.

P.S. If your totally lost on this story read the prequel "the Shoe Story" in my archive.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Trivia IV

I have to come up with a harder question so I don't have to change it so often.

Character #1: Green sky at morning, neighbor take warning.
Character #2: Green sky at night?
Character #1: Neighbor take flight?

Yes Charity, it is the Burbs. I highly recommend this movie to any who haven't seen it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie Trivia III

Character #1 "No more rhyming now, I mean it."
Character #2 "Anybody want a peanut?"

Jer came up with the bonus question.

In what sport did character #2 compete professionally for the world championship?

Bonus Bonus: Against whom was he competing?

And this winner was Charity. Mandy got the bonus, impressive job.

Scapbooking Mania

I got home today from my scrap-booking retreat. We went up to my friend Rochelle's family cabin at Fish Lake. Her cabin is beautiful! It has eight bedrooms and four baths, granite counter tops and a over-sized porch (my dream getaway cabin). We had 13 girls (I guess we are women) and four babies up there. We went up Thursday evening and I did a Pampered Chef show for dinner. We didn't start scrap-booking until Friday morning. But that is all we did other then sleep (very little) and eat. Some of the ladies didn't go to bed until four! I was alway the first one to bed, and that was usually 12am, late enough for me. We planned on staying until after church on Sunday, but me, Kathi, and Shasta decided to leave before church so we could make it back in time for church with our families. I have to thank my husband and my father for watching my kids so I could have an awesome four day getaway!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie Trivia II

"But the worst thing I ever done - I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa - and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life."

(I had a little help with remembering this quote).
Megan was the 1st one with the correct answer. Goonies never say die!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Movie Trivia I

"A gun rack... a gun rack. I don't even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a gun rack?"

What movie is that line from? Bonus if you can give the name of the character.

And the winner is Nate! He got the bonus question too.

Monday, June 23, 2008


This morning before it got hot, I cut the boys' hair out on the deck. They look so hansom with their summer cuts. I decided to blog it, so I could show the pictures. I use to take the boys to the local beauty college to get their haircut. But with the very planned out budget we now have, we cutout paying for haircuts. I think I'm getting better. I'm sure I do better than the beauty school.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shoe Story

I feel I need to share a story with you. It actually really upsets me for some reason, (maybe because I'm sleep deprived, or that I'm premenstrual) and would like to hear your take on it.
Yesterday, everyone in my house was awoken from their naps by four neighbor kids banging on the door. We had been camping at a family reunion and it was the first nap that the boys had in days. I jumped out of bed and tried to get to the door before my boys did. When I opened the door the kids asked if Noah could play. At that moment I noticed that one of the kids was wearing Noah's shoes that Noah had accidentally left at their house a week earlier. I had sent Noah over twice during the week to see if they had his shoes. They had told him "no, they didn't have them". I looked throughout the house over and over in hopes that Noah had misplaced them at our house, instead of leaving them at the neighbors like he told me he had. I decided to try myself and talk to the mom just before we left to the reunion, but no one was home. Anyways, I asked the the kid if they were Noah's shoes. He told me "no" then I took a closer look and was positive that they were Noah's. I said " those are Noah's" his older sister (that was there with him) said "no those are his". Then the boy says "no mine are darker" and he told her where his shoes were.
I'm going to leave the story there for now. I don't know if I am wrong or not. I know that I was really upset about it, and I want to know if I made a big deal over nothing - or if I should be upset. Would you please tell me what you would do in that situation, and calm me down?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I need to let my husband know how great a father he is. Jer does so good with the boys. They love spending time with him, especially camping. It's a very bonding time for guys (not so much for women). Jer's #1 goal in life is to be a good father and husband. I can see him getting better at it everyday. He takes time to talk to the boys when they make the wrong choices, or when they need praising. Like yesterday, Jer took Noah aside to have a talk. They were in our office room for 10 minutes. Later I asked Jer what the talk was about, He said that Noah needed a talk about respecting his mother and also learning the importance of hard work. I was touched. I hadn't said anything to Jer about that. He just saw a need and took care of it. Jer is at work from 8 'till 5:30, and when he comes home he asks what he can help with. I have to admit that he hasn't always been this way, but with his goal to be the best father and husband I just have to point something out (in a loving way) and then he works on it. And little by little he grows. I love that he has the desire to change and to become better. He is an example to me. Happy Father's Day Jer! We love you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Catching Up June

It's been awhile since I've posted. Plenty's been going on, but I didn't want to get on the computer because I'm on for hours once I turn it on. So I'm just going to list what I've been up to this month:
1. I just finished "The Host". I guess I liked it, but it was really weird to me, and it dragged on forever (sorry to those of you who loved it). Reading took up the majority of my free time.
2. I had a family reunion with my dad and siblings (and their families) on the 5,6,&7th. There was snow on the ground when we go up to the camping area, so Jer and I decided not to sleep up there with everyone else.
3. I, along with my sisters, threw Sami's baby shower. We played some really fun, original games, and had a good meal, with a wonderful dessert.
4. I had a relief society picnic, and a ward BBQ, both in the same week.
5. I did a special Father's Day breakfast, with my dad and Jer both. Then we went to my sister Shasta's for a Father's Day BBQ.
6. I already mentioned the GNO with my sisters.
7. Sami staying with us for a couple days.
8. I threw a going away party for my friends Nate and Steph. It was a great turnout. I was expecting eight people at most, we had 20. It was a lot of fun.
9. I also had a GNO going away dinner for Steph.

And the month's only halfway through. I still have a family reunion (my dad's family) this coming weekend. My scrapbook retreat. I'll explain. I have a scrapbook club that that gets together, and goes out for dinner, once a month, and we exchange pre-made pages. Each person in the group makes a double page layout for 10 people. It's the same layout but we each do it 10 times. (I'm trying to explain throughly so that if you wanted you could start up your own group). Anyway, we're going up to a girl's cabin to spend Thursday through Sunday (we'll have church up there). We do this retreat once a year.
Back to what I have going this month, I also find out if I win the trip to NYC to get my hair done (refer to exciting news). I don't think I should but if I win. I'm pretty sure I will win.
So that's the gist (did I make up that word) of this month. A very busy, very fun June.
Here are two pix of camping, then two of the baby shower.