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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Headed To Logan

We're going to go to Logan for the whole weekend. I'm so excited! We are going to my brother's in Alpine (I think) and sleeping over. We decided to break up the trip so the boys will handle it better. And so we could see my brothers too. I thought I would update, so you all don't think I've abandoned my blog. I don't have much time to write, I need to clean up the kitchen and make cookies before 3:30. We'll see if it is even possible. So Elder family, we'll see you up there (It's Grandpa Elder's birthday). -Oh and I still have to make him a birthday card. Gotta go.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Blogging Family

Keeping a blog is amazing! I can't believe all the people I can stay in contact with through blogging. I love being able to check up on your families, hear about the good news, as well the bad, read about your day, humorous stories or rantings, or find people that need my prayers (sometime complete strangers).

One thing that I wouldn't have expected, is that I've developed relationships with friends and family. I love having a friendship with my husband's cousins because of blogging. I think you're my biggest fans. I appreciate everyones comments and the inspirations they are to me. I hope to someday have a blogging relationship with the other side of my family. They aren't as "into it" as the Elder family is ( don't think anyone is). I'm the only one in my immediate family that blogs, which isn't a big deal, because we're all really close, but, I would love it if they would blog (hint, hint). Especially those who don't live close. I'm thankful for Steph in pushing me to start blogging. I am, and have been for awhile now, completely addicted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today I had my hands full. I watched three boys, not including my own two. It all went pretty smoothly though. I just had a lot I wanted to do around the house at the same time. I still was able, after babysitting for eight hours, to have fixed a nice dinner at 6:00 and my card-making group over at 7:00. The house was quite clean too. Some days I am impressed with myself. When I can get focused, I can accomplish a lot.
We had Jer's cousin, (which I also call my cousin) Mindy, over for dinner. She just moved back to Cedar to start the school year at SUU. I really missed her. We get along very well. The boys missed her a ton too. All through dinner Hyrum was saying Mindy's name over and over again, just to get her attention. Sometimes he would mumble "I missed you". Noah kept trying to out talk everyone. They were both fighting for her attention. It was cute. While I did clean-up -scrambling to get things ready for card-making- Jer helped move Mindy's stuff out of the basement. And then in to town to her house.
So here I am in a quiet, clean house, not knowing what to do with myself. That's why I blogged, I actually had time. Nothing of importance to say though.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So, You Think You Can Dance?

I don't really have anything new going on. So I'll blog about something from the past.

Here are the boys watching "So You Think You Can Dance". The boys weren't as into the dance as they were before I got out the camera (that's how it goes though). They both love to dance. Noah was trying to copy some of the moves he saw, and Hyrum usually copies Noah. They make me laugh. Hyrum has loved to dance since day one. I can't remember how old he was when he started to sway to the music, but he couldn't have been more than nine months.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Belief

I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds, but I was so appalled when I heard this song that I felt I needed to say something. The song is called "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it". If you haven't heard this song it doesn't sound horrid from the title, until you find out a girl sings it. The song is very popular right now, especially to our youth. I don't care to mention what the song goes on about, but just that I hate that our youth is being pressured to kiss the same sex, just to see if they like it. I can't imagine all the young girls that decided to try kissing a girl because of the song. It's like if they didn't try, then how do they know which sex they prefer. I feel I might offend someone with this post, I hope not. I can stand up for what I believe in, right? This world is so corrupt this scripture comes to my mind "Wo unto them that acall bevil good, and good evil, that put cdarkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ". I feel that the world is calling evil good, and good evil. I remember reading that scripture as a young child, and I remember being confused. That was partly because I was young and innocent, but also because it wasn't as obvious, or abundant as the meaning is today. I hope an pray that in this evil world we live in we can still raise virtuous, faithful children.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Soccer for the four year olds is a bit different. First off, they only scrimmage their own team and we only have two games a month. They don't have a goalie yet either. When the ball goes out of bounds they don't throw it in, they kick it instead. The kids really don't have a clue, but it's so darn cute to watch. The game on Saturday was better then any of the practices have went so far. It seems like they are picking up on some things. Here's a picture of the team cheer. What a cute coach they have (it's Jer).Here is my nephew Reagan and Hyrum playing on the field during half time. They're excited for a chance to play.
Noah is enjoying the treats that the moms brought. He needed the half time brake so he could collect his energy to play harder.
Not a lot going on here. But it's the only picture that turned out of Noah on the field.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haircut and Braces

Here are two pictures of my new haircut. It was two weeks ago, but most of you haven't seen it yet, so it's still new. I think I am the most unphotogenic person I know. Yeah, the lighting's horrible, but honestly it was the best I could do. Just imagine a stacked bob in the back. I think it's pretty cute.

You can see my braces in one of the pictures. My teeth have moved so much. Here is my reference point.

Not too crooked, but I have a 100+ overbite. Sadly, Noah has the same teeth as I do. I will, however, put him in brace as soon as the dentist suggest. I got in them a bit late. Better late then never though.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Movement!

Jer told me to get ready for our date and get off the computer. But the baby just pushed or kicked or something, so I thought I would share. You may think that I can't feel it yet, since I'm not even to the third month yet, but with the third baby you can recognize when they move.
My doctor's appt. was on Monday. Jer kept teasing me while the nurse was in the room that I was going to have twins (he knows I'm scared to death of that). He's also a bit suspicious because I have been eating like mad, so much worse than I did with the other two pregnancies. I have gained six pounds already! So Jer was teasing me that it might be twins so my doctor said we could do an ultrasound. It isn't twins, but it is measuring six days ahead of my due date. My doctor said that they don't move the due date up unless it measures seven days or more ahead. But I have alway delivered before my due date so I went ahead and moved my own due date. Instead of the 27th it is now the 22nd of February. In the ultrasound you can see quite a bit; feet (which looked quite large), ribs, shoulders, ears pretty amazing!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Almost a Post

I haven't felt like blogging lately. I am getting out of my rut, although I still don't do much. I really need to change up my blog and that includes a lot of work. I think that's why I've avoided posting. I am so sick of the pink polka dots that I don't even want to look at them. Jer says that's a pregnant thing to say.... maybe, I don't know. I also have been very tied up reading The New Dawn. I don't want to go into it because some of you might be reading it, or will someday.
Here are a couple topics I was going to blog about if I could have made time in the last week or two.
1. I got my hair chopped. I will get up to posting pictures.
2. We got a puppy. Jer's first dog!
3. My doctors visit. I even got an ultrasound!
4. Noah's soccer game.
Maybe I could go into detail later. I need a nap right now. I will be out of the first trimester on Monday. Hopefully this tired thing, and the nausea will wear (I don't know how to spell that kind of "wear") off.