2010 Summer Slideshow Album

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jer vs. Kristi

Kristi says that she gets more comments than I do when I post. So, please prove her wrong... and make some comments.

Check out this video I took yesterday:

Perpetual Party

When I was a teenager, my dad used to tell me that my life was a perpetual party. And so it continues...

My brother and his family came to visit us from Utah, and we went to the beach and to LegoLand with them. It was a great time, and we enjoyed having the company. Anyone who wants to come visit us, we are always up for a good time (and more parties). LegoLand is 15 minutes, SeaWorld is 15 minutes, San Diego Zoo is 15 minutes, the beach is 10 minutes, Petco Park is 20 minutes, and DisneyLand is an hour from here. So, you can see why we are in a perpetual party here at the beach house.

After the Lees left, we went back to LegoLand to visit the SeaLife aquarium. It was really great because the flow of visitors is actually monitored like a ride, so it never gets too crowded. They have really cool tanks that the kids can go under and stick their heads into a little bubble. I can't explain it - you'll just have to check out the blurry picture below...

Also, their shark tank is AMAZING, but we couldn't get any good photos of it. The sharks swim all around you. They have all kinds of saltwater fish in that tank, too, including rays, tangs, and all of Jer's other dream pets. Does anyone remember our stinky tank in the Cove?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hooray for Labor Day

San Diego's Wild Park is so much better then the zoo. Our season pass gets us into both of the two parks. I have to tell you that I had a bit of a hard time seeing all the animals locked up on display at the San Diego Zoo. We also went on a Saturday afternoon during the summer. So it was hot and crowded as well.

If you have to choose between the zoo and the wild park I highly suggest the wild park. I thought the experience to be a much better one at the San Diego Wild Park. It's kinda like a savanna and you get to see them in their element. The herbivores are out wandering their area looking for food. They actually seem "at home" there. The animals aren't in cages, and have a lot of area to roam around. We also went in the morning. I highly suggest a morning visit; 1) The animals are awake 2) You can find parking 3) Less people/shorter lines, and 4) Not as hot.

We also packed lunches and had a little picnic there. We really enjoyed the park and can't wait to do it again.

It's a long story, and I've told it too many times already so I'll spare you the details and just tell you we got great seats to the Padres game.

My mom was down and we only bought four tickets. So there were six of us in the four seats. It was still a great time, just limited room. The Padres won against the LA dodgers. There was a special fireworks show afterwords because of it being Labor Day. My boys thoroughly love the baseball games/Padres. They get wrapped up in the environment, as do I.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Noah's First Day

It's been two weeks since Noah's first day of school. But I still want to put up the pictures, better late than never. He absolutely loves school, his teacher, and his classmates. He's getting along really nicely. I'm so glad that it went so smoothly. I was very worried/nervous. It's a big deal to me to go to a huge school here in California. Also it's a full day now moving into 1st grade. I was so relieved when I picked him up and he couldn't stop talking about how great school was.

One of the cultural shocks for me is that Noah is the only LDS kid in his class. There are only two other LDS kids in his grade of 80 first graders. I think that there's just under 1,000 students at his school, which is k-6. The school is really great. People move here just so their kids can be in this district. I think it offers a lot for Noah.

I forgot to mention Porters tired little face. He's been having a rough time with his nap schedule. Poor thing. But isn't he adorable?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blogging Anyone?

As I try to get back into blogging, I get overwhelmed, side tracked, and a bit discouraged as well. Not many people blog anymore. Good work to those of you who didn't fall short (unlike me). I want to get caught up on everyone's summer, and let you all know we're still alive. But then I use my free time up, and never get to bogging.

Now that I live far away I thought I'd start it up again. But so far we haven't had many responses. Probably because everyone figured we were done, and a lot of people (like half at least) stopped blogging. So I kinda feel that I'm talking to myself here. I'm trying to update the entire blog. I've lost people's blog addresses, or people have gone private, or whatever else. I'm going to try and collect your info so I can be up to date, and see what's going on in your lives.Those of you who have gone private, please invite me to be a part of your blog party.