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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The kid who stuck his tongue to the pole is our lil' bro RuSean Wood.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


People have given me crap for not posting pictures of Porter. I guess I could put some up. He is now nine months. He is so beautiful.

We finally have Porter sleeping through the night...again. From the time he was 2 weeks old he started sleeping all night. That lasted until our busy summer, when we went to my mom's family reunion at the beach, my dad's family reunion in northern Utah, the reunion with my family, and Jer's class reunion, and a trip to Moab. Porter was then about four months old when he started waking up every three to four hours to nurse. I know many people don't ever get a decent night's sleep while they are nursing, but for me, this was something new. I don't mean to complain but it has been hard on me. Jer finally helped me find the ability to let Porter sleep. So as of this week Porter is sleeping from 8:00pm to 7:00am. This has given me spring to my walk, I wake up with a smile on my face. Life is good!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yeah, The Halloween Post

Noah and Hyrum were such a mess after eating cotton candy, donuts, and candy. We asked them what they wanted to eat for dinner, they said "Nothing, I'm not hungry". Which isn't normal for my boys, they are always hungry.
Hyrum was an elephant, Noah was a Kangaroo, yes a bit unusual, but both were adorable. They have been animals for three years. I always had to be something scary for Halloween. That was my mom's rule, because Halloween is about being spooked. I guess times have changed.
Mindy, Jer's cousin (I think of her more like a sister, and the boys think of her like an aunt) came along with us. It was nice to have an adult for each kid! After the Halloween festivities we celebrated Mindy's birthday (it was on Monday) by going out to dinner. This is such a cute pix of Mindy and Porter. He's a purple dragon.
Jer and I had a Halloween party on Friday. This is the best we could do for costumes. One day we might actually plan more than the day of the party. Oh well, these costumes still worked out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't count me out!

I'm here and I'm actually blogging! The long delay of posting was mostly because once Porter was born, the office (computer room/scrapbook room/craft room) got changed into Porter's room. We have now finished a room in the basement for Noah and Hyrum, all but the flooring, and are waiting to put that in once the basement is a bit further along. But if you know of anyone (local) getting rid of their carpet let me know! I would love to cover up the cement and possibly save a head or two from getting cracked. Anyway what I'm trying to say is that Porter has moved into the Boy's old room, and I get my office back! The posting might become a regular thing again.

I guess I'll do a quick update. Noah started kindergarten this school year. He does love it, but he is getting in trouble often for talking too much. You all know that Noah's a talker (he takes after his father). Noah has lost two teeth, but they grew back in within a month.
Hyrum is currently sick with a high fever. He keeps telling me he feels well and that I'm sick. Even though he's sick he still has his humor. He has almost adjusted to Noah going to school. He tries almost every morning to go to school with Noah, then throws a horrible fit when Jer tells him he can't go with.

Porter is eight months now. Yeah I said eight! He is so stinking cute. He has been crawling since he was six months, and I mean full on crawling and he's fast too! Noah crawled at six months as well, but he did the army crawl for over a month. Porter practiced for maybe a week than he was a pro. Porter was eating a baby food or two for each meal, but I guess the growing spree has slowed down now.

Jer is doing a side business (maybe premature of me to say) which is web design. He got a new computer to do all the designing on. He is very excited to have a new computer. We have had the same one since we got married. Which is fine for me, but not for Jer, since he grew up in the computer business, and has had top of the line computers his whole life. Jer has also started P90X, which is an extreme workout video. He loves it and hasn't missed a work out since he started two of three weeks ago. We can see results and that keeps him going. Eventually I plan on doing it with him. I'm just waiting until Porter lets me have decent sleep again.

With the season getting cold we are now a one car family (we sold our truck and Jer's motorcycle wont cut it). It's a bit difficult, but we make it work. I would rather save our money and finish the basement, or save up to buy our next vehicle with cash (probably a mini van). So about the mini van thing. I know I've sworn never to buy a mini van but the more I think about it why wouldn't I? Mini vans get much better gas mileage than SUVs. They are easier to get in and out of, especially with baby car seats. They can hold a ton of luggage. There is plenty of leg room. You can access your kids easier when traveling. I always had in mind that I would be the Denali kind of mom. Which I guess is possible when moneys no longer an object. But for now money matters.

(Side note-those of you who voted on the best picture in an earlier post would care to know I am in the top ten. So the chances of me winning the wii are pretty good. Or I could win an Ipod nano, which I would be pretty excited about as well).

Noah was playing a little too rough, and too far from mom and dad. He learned a lesson, or so he says. This is Noah after losing his second tooth. He even let Jer pull it out.This is the 1st day of kindergarten. Isn't he handsome?We let Hyrum dress up in Noah's old soccer clothes to go to Noah's games. Hyrum is so ready for soccer he just has to wait another year!These are my boys taken on Sunday.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I thought that I would tell the story about the snakes in the earlier post. My family (including my siblings and their families) were up at Little Creek Ranch for a family reunion. This was in May. The kids were out and about playing in the grass and in the play yard. Most of the adults were inside of the cabin. Noah comes running into the house, "I just saw a rattle snake." I believed that he saw a snake, maybe not a rattle snake, but knowing Noah as well as I do, I thought he was probably right. He knows snakes pretty good, he's quite observant, and he tells the truth. Most of the fam thought he was making up a story. Jer had Noah carefully show him where he saw the snake, and sure enough it was a rattler. My bother-in-law Tom came walking over in flip flops to check it out, and he almost stepped on a second rattle snake. So as the pictures tell, we killed them. Sad and cruel, I know, but we couldn't have them around our kids.
In one of the pictures you can tell that I am utterly disgusted was the grosses thing I have ever done. Ten times worst than you think it would be. The snakes, although their heads were gone, kept coiling up and climbing down the tree stump. They were cold and muscley, and would not hold still. Nasty!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pick a Picture

Hey I need your vote. I'm in a contest for the best summer fun photo...in the "got metal?" T-shirt. It's a little vague, but that's all the instructions I have. I can only submit one photo. Let me know which one of the bunch you like best ( yes, I know the photos are all similar). I don't have time to change the direction of the pix. If I win I'll let you come play on the wii and I'm going to win(positive thinking). Sorry for the lame blog. But it's why I was on the computer, to send my photo in.
P.S. the got metal has to do with the braces if you haven't figured that out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've seen this count as a post before. So we can pretend that I'm blogging again.
Look how cute they are. Jer's a good daddy. Happy (late) Father's Day!
They were "helping" daddy with the basement. Curt and Lisa got them these great work clothes.
Family picture
Memorial Day Ride (Jer got a bike). He drives it to work everyday. We also sold our truck.
Jer absolutely loves this picture. So I decided to post it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry For The Delay

It's been more than a month, I guess it's time to post. Porter is an amazing baby. So today he is eight weeks, and he slept eight hours straight last night. Yes, I'm sure everyone is jealous! Not a peep in those eight hours. Now don't worry I know that he's still young, but he's getting chubby, and he's healthy. He's putting on weight really well. Porter is such a sweet heart. He is the easiest baby I've had. And both Noah and Hyrum were great babies. I do get a little credit for Porter sleeping thought the night. Because at first he had his day and nights mixed up, so I've had to work with him.

We blessed Porter on Sunday. Jer gave a wonderful blessing. We had much support from our friends and family. And we were glad so many could attend. The weather wasn't very nice for the luncheon, but we made due. We had to do it outside because there were about 50 of us, and church was still going on. It will be remembered because we were all freezing to death. Good times! I didn't really get pictures of the event, because so much was going on. I did get a picture of me holding Porter and that's it. So I'll post that. (I can't find it right now I'll post it later).

Today's the first day of the week that Jer's gone to work for the whole day. He's been sick with laryngitis all week. I'm so glad that his voice has returned. I was tired of feeling like Jer was mad at me. You know, with the silent treatment. I wasn't the only one to think Jer was upset with them either, I overheard Noah tell his cousin Adam that his dad was furious, after checking in on the two of them while they were playing in Noah's room. It was fun to have Jer here, but he threw our ajenda off. I also got tired of answering his phone calls and trying to interpert Jer's signing to the person on the phone.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Porter's Update

I had Porter's baby pictures taken on Monday. My friend Jaelyn took them and she did a great job. Porter is such a beautiful newborn. At his two week appointment, on Monday, he was 8 lbs 11 oz, and 21 in long. He's eating well, and growing big. I'm excited to have a chubby baby. They are so cute. We have his days and nights in order now, so I'm getting much better sleep between his feedings.

His bothers love him. I'm surprised that they aren't jealous. They want to hold, and help as much as possible. Hyrum was sick with a cold right after we brought Porter back from the hospital. We had to keep Porter away from Hyrum. It was so sad. But now that his health has improved he's held Porter a few times, and he is just tickled pink. If you tell Hyrum "You're so cute", he replies, "No baby Porter cute". Noah's already praying for him Hyrum and Baby Porter to serve missions.

I feel so blessed to have a healthy baby, and to be back to my old self again. Everyday, a couple times a day, I say "I'm so happy not to be pregnant anymore"! Being pregnant helped me realize that I took my healthy body for granted. I can't wait to start running, when the weather improves, and my cold goes away. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out, or offered to help. We appreciate the meals that were brought over from friends and family. And thank you for the baby gifts. We are well taken care of.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Porter - Loads of Pics

Hey everybody. I'd like to introduce you to Porter. Porter was born on Feb 20, 2009 at 11:38 AM. He weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20 inches long at birth. He isn't as big as that 17 lb baby that I posted earlier, but he is quite the big baby for our family. Noah and Hyrum were both 6 lbs 9 oz. This kid is a chunk compared to them. I figure he's 22% bigger than the other two were.

I have to tell you that I can already tell that this is a special kid that will bring balance to the force [in our house]. He seems to be a mix between Noah and Hyrum. Nobody can say who he looks like more. I think he has Hyrum's head, Noah's eyes, Hyrum's mouth, Noah's Nose, and Noah's chin. His ears are still too weird to compare.

His personality is very different from what we already have in our home. He's very quiet and pensive. When attacked, he responds with curious looks instead of squeels and screams. I went to all three circumcisions, and this one was the most unique. He cried a little at first when they strapped him down, but after they gave Porter his binkie, he quieted right down. Then, when they administered the shot of local anestetic, I was very surprised to see that he did not cry. The nurses were taken aback, as well. They both commented on what a good baby Porter is. He held still and quiet while they completed the circumcision. What a different experience. Hyrum was trying to punch and kick the Doctor (even at that tender young age, Hyrum was a fireball). Noah cried almost unconsolably afterwards for quite a long time. But not Porter; he just sat there and waited for them to finish. Then, all the other shots and pokes and tests were exactly the same - Porter just held still and winced a little, but didn't cry or fight it. For me, it was very weird. At home, it has been the same thing - he is just so different from the other two that it kind of weirds me out. It is so fun to have so many personalities in the home.

Kristi is doing fine. The delivery went great. We got to the hospital about 8:30 AM, and Kristi was able to get an epideral going before things were too intense. She was literally talking about American Idol and Survivor between pushes. Her contractions don't ever get very close. The doctor made the comment "one more good push, Kristi! Then, we'll have to wait fifteen minutes for your next contraction..." I laughed.

Anyway - 8lbs 4 oz... big kid. Kristi's recovering just great. I'm so proud of her. My boys are doing VERY well adapting to Porter in the house. They have been very good for me since I have usurped the daytime reign of the castle. Soon, I will turn things back over to their rightful heir... Sorry, Noah and I just finished watching Prince Caspian.

Now for the pics:

Kathi thought that this was the most important picture - the shot of the toenails that I painted the night before. No, I have never painted toenails before.

Apparently, it's very important to look pretty when you are about to deliver a baby. Kathi was very concerned abot Kristi's toenails and hair.

Me, on the other hand - calm as a summer's breeze [surrounded by purses and pink puffy coats]...

Me practicing catching the baby.

Kristi laughing at her idiot husband [and her stupid hair-do that Kathi did]. hahaha

Then, after conversations of who should be kicked off of Idol and Survivor, he was here! Boom!
Now, I didn't take these gross pictures - I was up by Kristi's head - you can thank Kathi for the in-your-face camera shots.

The monster! Look at the fat rolls and the feet!

After I did the unmentionable disconnect job, they plopped him on top of Kristi. And, for the first time of three, she was happy and able to hold the newborn.

He is so chill.

Look at that belly!


Our latest family picture! Shasta could have told me that I didn't have to tilt my head in [I thought the shot was a little tighter]. Oh, and I gave the boys some haircuts today because those fros are gettin' CU-RAZY!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Week To Go

I guess I can give you an update on me and the pregnancy, that means no baby. I know some of you are wondering if we've had our baby yet. I still technically have two weeks from yesterday. But I think it will be this week, Friday to be precise.

It's really hard to keep my train of thought right now. Jer wont stop telling me how bored he is, and he keeps hitting the back of my chair. This is the first time I've been on the computer this entire week and he apparently he isn't happy about it.

Anyway- I am done babysitting as of last Friday. I thought I could use a week or two to clean the house and get things ready for our baby. I have to tell you I am very excited to have another boy! I know that he is a very special spirit and that he is meant to come into our home. I'm kind of getting impatient to met him; I actually would be okay waiting two or three more weeks if it wasn't for the horrible pain that he has been causing me for around a month now. I don't really know how to explain the pain, but it's very strong and has crippled me to the ground a couple of times. The pain is around my pelvic area, but I can also get it in my lower back and upper legs. It's also very quick to come and go, but it happens often. I tried to explain it to my doctor, but he didn't seem too concerned. I haven't had this pain in the past; that's the biggest reason I worry about it. Other than that, I'm in good health and so is the baby. At my last appointment, I was dialated to a 2 1/2, and 70% effaced.

Hyrum has been doing so good on potty training; we're all but done. He still wears a diaper to bed at night, but other than that he's trained. I'm so proud of him (and me) for sticking with it. It was my goal to have him trained before our baby came. I know that toddlers regress when there is change, so I expect that, but hope for the best.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Powder Day

I just wanted to post some pics from my day at Brian Head.

Apparently this blogger video player sucks. I just uploaded it to YouTube... I'll update it in a few minutes.

And, I thought I'd post a picture of my best friends...

(Hyrum, 2 and Noah, 4)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Love My Boys

Noah and Hyrum are so adorable! They crack me up. They have such different personalities, that I wonder how I've raised opposites. Noah looks so much like my side of the family when Hyrum is all Jer.

Hyrum is naturally funny. He has this awesome Kung Fu Panda move, I'll record it and put it up with this post. He's also our little dare devil. I can't believe that he hasn't needed stitches yet. He is constantly jumping off of things, like Noah's bunk bed, and our stools. And most of the time, when he gets hurt, he doesn't cry he just takes it as part of the adventure. Hyrum has been potty training this week and has been doing incredibly well. Much better than expected. I think I was dreading it too much maybe. Noah cheers him on with every trip to the bathroom because that means skittles for both of them, hey it works. Then they are excited together, and Noah's constantly reminding Hyrum to go potty. It's our tradition to hug and kiss each other good night after family prayer. Hyrum also ask to hug or kiss his baby (the one in my belly) after family prayer. It makes me laugh, but he likes to kiss my "babybutton".

Noah is smart as can be. He loves to color and currently is planning on growing up to be and artist. But he has mentioned wanting to be a captain in the military (I think he learned that from Moroni). Every prayer that Noah says, whether it's family prayer, personal prayer, or at a friends house, he always prays that he and Hyrum can grow up to be missionaries. At my sisters house yesterday for the dinner prayer he also prayed that he and Hyrum (and his cousins, whose home we were at) could marry good girls in the temple. I am amazed at his level of understanding, and also his spirituality. He is such a good bother and tries so hard to be a good example to Hyrum. He's also an example to me.

They are both so unique and wonderful and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful boys in my home. They mean the world to me. I look forward to raising a third boy. I can't wait to meet him, and see what he has instore for us.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We had our baby!

No, not really. Hahahahahaha

Kristi asked me to blog something. So, I thought I would renew some interest in our blog.

I'll tell a little story.

Last night, we went to a neighbor couple's house for dinner, along with about 6 other couples or so from our religious congregation. The food was delicious - shout out to Sundee! We played a game where you pick a Skittle and, depending on what color you picked, you have to answer a question. I picked orange because that's my favorite color and I wanted to eat it - so I had to pick a color that I was going to remember. I digress...

So, I told a story about our first kiss. **wow this song I'm listening to right now is awesome** My story went like this:
"Well, our first kiss was kind of unique... I didn't even know her name yet, but we just made out for HOURS!" Then Kristi hit me.

Is the story true? I guess you'll never ever know.