2010 Summer Slideshow Album

Friday, August 05, 2011

Summer Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So this is one long post:)
Lots of time spent making the house a mess with their silly games.
This is baby Evelyn. She is gorgeous! Look at all that hair. It hangs over her ears. She was born while I was away in Utah. Sh'e about two weeks old here, when I got to hold her.
We have spent uncountable hours in the pool. Thank heavens for our pool.
Hyrum and Noah have a best friend Ivan, pictured with them. They spend a lot of time at his house. Ivan has the most amazing collection of toys that I've ever seen, and no siblings.
This was taken at their grandma's house in Utah while we were back there for two weeks.
Yes, we hit Disneyland just before the summer busy time. But it was still very busy!
Fourth of July in Utah. Jason and Reagan, my nephews, are pictured with my boys.

This is at the Torrey Pines state beach. We went the day we got home from Utah. We really missed the ocean.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How's This for Exciting?

Kristi and I are excited that we are under contract on a house in San Diego.

We found a great deal in the neighborhood that we love, and we are so grateful for this opportunity to buy a house in this market. We are getting a great loan through my bank, and it is so awesome to be able to do this.

I think all that anybody really cares about are pictures, so here are some pictures of the place. Sorry that I'm all over the place in these, but I have to inspect the important stuff like the outdoor barbecue and the theater equipment...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Trip to Utah

I stopped babysitting! I'm so excited to have this summer to be babysitting free! I loved the two kids I babysat, but it was just too difficult to go to the beach or take them all to the pool. I was getting really stir crazy in my little house. It was just almost impossible for us all, (me, plus five kids) to go out. And when we would go do something, I would be so exhausted that I would tell myself not to do that again. Man I whine a lot. I'm just not build to handle five kids, seven and under.
Last month I took my three boys out to Utah to see their cousins and so I could play with all four of my sisters and see my parents. We were there for two and a half weeks. The time just flew by. We had a family reunion while I was back there too. I decided to do all my appointments (hair, teeth, and car) while I was back because it's a lot cheaper. Which was six different appointments!
I did a girls night with three of my best friends, Kamie, Angela, and Kathi. It was so much fun! We went to dinner then went to my sister Kathi's house to play games and visit. We were up till 2 am. It was a busy, but fun time back in Utah.
Kamie and Kathi. Both of them hate this picture, sorry I don't. Plus it's the only one I have of you guys from GNO.
Angela and me. These pix are from Pizza factory in Cedar City. I miss that place.

So now we're home safely (after some car issues) and glad to be back in San Diego! We left Jer behind and it was the longest we have ever been away from each other. He was struggling to have us all gone. I'm not sure I'll ever leave him for that long again.
I've decided to take my exercise and dieting up a level. Every morning I'm doing a workout. I'm also cutting back on my carb intake. I hope to lose 10lbs and lose two pants sizes. I've given up candy and soda for a year! I'm already two months into that goal. I actually surprised myself with the goal, and being able to do it. I'm a huge candy fan. I gave up those things more for the sake of my teeth, then for the calorie part. I have bad teeth and this is something that will help my teeth and is healthy for me too.
Well there's much more I wanted to write, but I feel this is all boring. So I'll try again when I can be exciting.
Hyrum and his twin cousin Austin. They're twin cousin because they were born the same day, and their moms are twins.
Noah, Adam, Porter, Brooklynn, Austin, Hyrum lounging on a swing eating sandwiches.
This is while we were camping. My nephew Jonny, my niece Meagan, and Hyrum, with war paint on.
My sweet little boys. I sure love them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what's new?

hey friends, it's me, kristi. i miss my desire to blog. i miss reading about what's new in your world. everyone who reads this has to leave a comment and tell me whats going on in your life (that is if anyone reads this anymore).

i'll tell you a bit of what i'm up to lately. i started babysitting last month. i watch two extra kids, one just turned two and his sister is six. i make good money, but i do sacrifice a lot. i miss napping with hyrum and quiet moment and home cooked meals. but all in all i'm grateful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and make money on the side.

i decided to make it to the temple at least twice a month. i realized that someday when the temple isn't as close to me, i'm going to be really upset with myself for not getting to the temple more often. so this morning i woke up at 5:00 am and did the 5:30 session. tuesday's the only day of the week they do early morning at the san diego temple.

i love living in san diego. i don't ever want to leave. i just wish i had more family and a few of my utah friends here as well. life is great. i love being a mom. i love being a ward missionary. i love the gospel of Jesus Christ. i love my Heavenly Father.

that last paragraph might have been a little uncharacteristic of me, but i read an article about women who stalk mormon blogs (a positive article). anyway i realized i need to use my blog to be an instrument for missionary work. i have a bit of work to do to be more lds bloggish. that article is what inspired me to blog today.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Could be Amazing

Porter had a play date today. His little friend is named Mihir. Mihir is two month younger then Porter and can speak perfectly. Maybe he can rub off on Porter. While Porter played with Mihir next door, I went and played ball with my other two boys. It was nice because I was able to spend quality time with Hyrum and Noah (Porter requires my full attention when we play outside).

I practiced up on my juggling skills. I had to learn juggling in 6th grade P.E. I've decided to get real good at juggling. Maybe someday I'll juggle a bowling pin with a sword and a lit torch. I would be amazing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here's to Good Health

Today was a good day. My sickness is finally clearing up. I went to all my church meetings, first time this year. It was great to see my ward friends finally. I did go last week, but it was stake conference. Elder Perry (the apostle) came and spoke to us. It was an awesome experience. I had to leave stake conference early because of my coughing fits. I'll tell you that my sickness was a doozey! It was the longest cold I've ever had! I also developed a sinus infection. I did go to a doctor, because I was afraid I might have pneumonia. I just a BAD cold. I came down with my cold mid December, and still am having quite a cough. I've decided I'm good enough to return to society. I'm so grateful for the good health I do have. You sure do learn to appreciate your health more when it's gone.

I went to Utah Dec. 17th and didn't return until the first Sunday of Jan. My older sister, Shasta, blessed her baby that day, and we left right after the blessing to hurry home to San Diego before the bad traffic hit. We didn't beat it, we were right in the middle, and it ended up taking 14 hours to get home. My dad rode home with us so he could stay a couple of weeks in the beautiful weather. It was great having him here and I think he enjoyed it, even though we didn't have cable. He struggled at first not being able to watch the news. But he would call home and have one of my sisters put the phone next to the 5 o'clock news.

It was really nice going back to Cedar. It was the first time I'd been back since we moved. I was able to see all of my family (minus one brother-in-law in Montana). Also a lot of my cousins and aunts and uncles, many of whom I haven't seen in years. I got my braces off while I was in utah. I eat lots of apples now and chew gum again. Jer and I were able to go snowboarding with some of our best friends, the Christians.

I hate that I'm so far behind again. I don't like playing catch up. I'm just going to call that post good, even though it's not half of what I wanted to write. I think I'll go check on your blog now.