2010 Summer Slideshow Album

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Christians for Thanksgiving

We had such a great Thanksgiving. One of my best friends came all the way from Cedar City with her family to spend Thanksgiving with us. It was such a wonderful treat. It was very wonderful to have someone to spend Thanksgiving with.
The man working in the kitchen. Rare picture hu? Well actually Jer helps out a lot in the kitchen. He's a great husband, and I'm thankful for him and all that he does.
Five boys, and one baby girl. The boys had a lot of fun having playmates around. Jer took the four big boys swimming while we prepared the turkey (pretty cool that we can go swimming on Thanksgiving day).
Porter just loved little Hannah. He called her Nanna. He wouldn't stop kissing or hugging her.
We had a wonderful meal. Next year I need another oven, or to cook a day or two in advance.
Here is Kamie and Nate. I love them to death. Kamie and I have so much fun together. We were best friends since the day we meet, even though we lived 40 minutes from each other. We were also roommates in college. I'm thankful for good friends. Love you guys, thanks for driving all the way over here to spend Thanksgiving with us!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


We got the kids season passes to Disneyland for Christmas. They have already been reaping the benefits though. We figured that many of our friends and family will be visiting us and would like to go to Disneyland. Therefore we needed to get season passes. We have already been with my mom, my friend Tari and her family, my brother Justin and his family, and my friend Kamie with her family. This week my brother Jeremy and his wife Heidi are in Disneyland. So in order to see them we have to head over to Anaheim.
(I cut all of the boys hair real short. No more golden curls for Porter).
I don't think that Hyrum was afraid on the Winnie the Pooh ride, but it sure looks like it.
Porter didn't act excited about the carousel, but when we get off he screams and cries.
My three beautiful boys. I sure do love them!
This is me and my friend Kamie. We've been friends since we were 15.
This is Nate, Kamie's husband, with Noah and their son Carvin.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Late Halloween Pictures

Like I mentioned in the earlier post, I'm getting caught up, a post a day until I'm up to date! Noah's school makes a big deal of Halloween. We had an early morning parade, followed by a party in his classroom. Hyrum would not leave Noah's side. He pretended he was a 1st grader the whole time we were at school. Hyrum was even in the parade. Noah wasn't too keen with that, but I couldn't stop him, my arms were full with my other baby.

There were so many festivities for Halloween, that I finally decided I/we had partied hard enough (they were running my life). Anyway we had some good fun and plenty of candy. We actually didn't even do any trick or treating because if fell on Sunday, but we did do trunk or treating, and a carnival, and the party and parade at Noah's school, and a Halloween party.
This is the party at Noah's school, Hyrum by his side, of course.
Hyrum's preschool group picture.
My baby Porter. He's adorable, if I do say so myself.
Noah's a knight with his side kick Wolverine, walking along in the parade. The little 1st grade princesses were digging Noah being a knight. They thought he was their prince.
This is Hyrum taking roll with Noah's class.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hyrum Goes to School

Hyrum started preschool in October. I have all these cute pictures of him that I wanted to post. This was his first day of school. I think he loves it. He was real excited about it in the beginning, not so much anymore. He tries to come up with excuses for not going (hope he grows out of that real soon, or that might be a real problem) but when I go to pick him up, he doesn't want to leave. So who knows if he likes it or not.