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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today I'm having a hard time. I blame it all on pregnancy hormones. Jer called to ask if it would be okay for him to work until 7:00pm on Christmas Eve and I started crying. I think that I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong so I can start up again. I feel terribly overwhelmed with Christmas, and I can't stop eating the treats from the neighbors. I'm suppose to meet my sisters at my dad's house to set up the Christmas Tree at 1:00, but I'm afraid I might have a come apart while I'm there, because I'm so sensitive today. You know how sisters are. If I give them warning, they'll probably just tease me more. I'm debating going at all. Sorry for the bad attitude. I'll try and be more positive.

I got an ultrasound yesterday. I'd love to show you the picture, but we don't have a scanner, so sorry. He has chubby cheeks (if that's possible for a three pound baby) and I think he looks like my side of the family. He had his face pressed up so close against my lower belly, that some of the pictures didn't work out. His nose is smooshed in one of the pictures. Oh, and his foot is right next to his ear.  I've started the count down, just over two months/eight weeks left . I think I'll have him on the 22nd of February. But I could be totally off. If I go the full term and not smug the numbers, like I've done all along, I could end up having this baby in March. I feel the 22nd is the most accurate though. I just have to have a disclamer if I do happen to go into March.

I want to post about my Birthday Party last week, but I want to wait until I get the pictures from my mom's camera. I might make Jer do it for me.


Tamy Wilson said...

Ugh, I feel for you. Keep your chin up and just remember February and sleepless nights will come all to fast. The 20th is a good birthday (that is mine:) Cheer up and take a nap.

Swordfish said...

Good Luck, it will get better. Are you guys coming up for christmas?

The Littlefields said...

Oh you've got to love the hormones! I wish it were just a pregnancy thing... that would be nice.
I don't want to one up you... but Nate has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yeah, I'm excited about that.
I hope todays a better day.

Lizzy said...

im sure all of us moms can relate. it's a stressful time of year and being pregnant on top of that definitely adds to the weight we feel on our shoulders (not to mention the exhaustion!). i hope you guys have a great holiday!

Lizzy said...

p.s. What kind of work does Jer do that he'd have to stay late on the 24th? I'm sorry - that sucks.

And have your other babies come early or late? I've had 2 early and 2 overdue. You just never know.

Kathi said...

I feel bad that you think that I would be insensitive to you. I really hope that I am not like that. Now I want to know if you had an alright time at dad's or was it a bad idea? I had fun with you and I was glad you came.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

I'm sorry; Jordan worked on Chrismas Eve, too, since he took Monday off to go to the Elder famiy party. I wasn't too happy about it, and I don't have the excuse of pregnancy! Chin up, it'll be over in a few weeks!