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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've seen this count as a post before. So we can pretend that I'm blogging again.
Look how cute they are. Jer's a good daddy. Happy (late) Father's Day!
They were "helping" daddy with the basement. Curt and Lisa got them these great work clothes.
Family picture
Memorial Day Ride (Jer got a bike). He drives it to work everyday. We also sold our truck.
Jer absolutely loves this picture. So I decided to post it.


Tamy Wilson said...

Right on Jer, cool bike. Rick rides his bike almost everyday. The boys are getting so big, love the naked helmet picture.

Swordfish said...

I love the naked picture also. I miss your posts. Hope to see you at the Relay for Life.

vcsings said...

Great family photo.Can't wait to see Porter in person.Loe you! Aunt Vickie

Cami said...

Your little Porter is adorable!! Great pictures! They definitely count as a blog post.

A Note from Kaleo and Megan said...

Your boys are growing so fast. What an adorable family. Hopefully those little men take good care of the mom. We should get together and do a BBQ sometime.

RonElaine said...

Hello! Your blog isn't on my blog reader anymore - super weird because I didn't take it off!

Anyway, your pics of the boys are so cute and Porter is getting so big. We made our blog private a while ago, so send me an e-mail and we'll get you an invite.


MT said...

Kristi! Remember me (Mindy) from Westates? I stumbled across your blog from Kaycee's - CONGRATS on three boys!!! How did you get them all to look at the camera for your family pic in this post - I'm soooo impressed! Cute family! Good to see you again ;)