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Monday, January 24, 2011

I Could be Amazing

Porter had a play date today. His little friend is named Mihir. Mihir is two month younger then Porter and can speak perfectly. Maybe he can rub off on Porter. While Porter played with Mihir next door, I went and played ball with my other two boys. It was nice because I was able to spend quality time with Hyrum and Noah (Porter requires my full attention when we play outside).

I practiced up on my juggling skills. I had to learn juggling in 6th grade P.E. I've decided to get real good at juggling. Maybe someday I'll juggle a bowling pin with a sword and a lit torch. I would be amazing.


Swordfish said...

Awesome. I have never thought of jugggling, but any hobby is a good hobby right? That is unless it is a bad hobby.....ok, let's just forget that I said taht.

Kathi said...

I need more from you guys. Pictures of the kids and the one you sit would be great. thanks