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Monday, July 11, 2011

Trip to Utah

I stopped babysitting! I'm so excited to have this summer to be babysitting free! I loved the two kids I babysat, but it was just too difficult to go to the beach or take them all to the pool. I was getting really stir crazy in my little house. It was just almost impossible for us all, (me, plus five kids) to go out. And when we would go do something, I would be so exhausted that I would tell myself not to do that again. Man I whine a lot. I'm just not build to handle five kids, seven and under.
Last month I took my three boys out to Utah to see their cousins and so I could play with all four of my sisters and see my parents. We were there for two and a half weeks. The time just flew by. We had a family reunion while I was back there too. I decided to do all my appointments (hair, teeth, and car) while I was back because it's a lot cheaper. Which was six different appointments!
I did a girls night with three of my best friends, Kamie, Angela, and Kathi. It was so much fun! We went to dinner then went to my sister Kathi's house to play games and visit. We were up till 2 am. It was a busy, but fun time back in Utah.
Kamie and Kathi. Both of them hate this picture, sorry I don't. Plus it's the only one I have of you guys from GNO.
Angela and me. These pix are from Pizza factory in Cedar City. I miss that place.

So now we're home safely (after some car issues) and glad to be back in San Diego! We left Jer behind and it was the longest we have ever been away from each other. He was struggling to have us all gone. I'm not sure I'll ever leave him for that long again.
I've decided to take my exercise and dieting up a level. Every morning I'm doing a workout. I'm also cutting back on my carb intake. I hope to lose 10lbs and lose two pants sizes. I've given up candy and soda for a year! I'm already two months into that goal. I actually surprised myself with the goal, and being able to do it. I'm a huge candy fan. I gave up those things more for the sake of my teeth, then for the calorie part. I have bad teeth and this is something that will help my teeth and is healthy for me too.
Well there's much more I wanted to write, but I feel this is all boring. So I'll try again when I can be exciting.
Hyrum and his twin cousin Austin. They're twin cousin because they were born the same day, and their moms are twins.
Noah, Adam, Porter, Brooklynn, Austin, Hyrum lounging on a swing eating sandwiches.
This is while we were camping. My nephew Jonny, my niece Meagan, and Hyrum, with war paint on.
My sweet little boys. I sure love them.

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Kaycee said...

That's a long time to be visiting and I didn't even get to see you!:( I guess that's what is so nice about having your sisters be your best friends, though. You stay busy with the fam! How fun for you guys! Sorry about the car problems- no fun! You are braver than I!