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Friday, August 05, 2011

Summer Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So this is one long post:)
Lots of time spent making the house a mess with their silly games.
This is baby Evelyn. She is gorgeous! Look at all that hair. It hangs over her ears. She was born while I was away in Utah. Sh'e about two weeks old here, when I got to hold her.
We have spent uncountable hours in the pool. Thank heavens for our pool.
Hyrum and Noah have a best friend Ivan, pictured with them. They spend a lot of time at his house. Ivan has the most amazing collection of toys that I've ever seen, and no siblings.
This was taken at their grandma's house in Utah while we were back there for two weeks.
Yes, we hit Disneyland just before the summer busy time. But it was still very busy!
Fourth of July in Utah. Jason and Reagan, my nephews, are pictured with my boys.

This is at the Torrey Pines state beach. We went the day we got home from Utah. We really missed the ocean.

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Jer said...

I love my family! You guys are so amazing! It is so fun to hang out with you - like playing Monopoly tonight. That was pretty great. And, I was so impressed by your idea to pack our money and properties up in baggies and put sticky notes on the baggy with the last location of our game pieces.

Love you!