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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Finding time to blog

I think that I might , might try and blog while the boys take their naps. I have a hard time trying to find time to blog. One, I am a very slow typer, two, I think that I am basically computer illiterate, and three, I can't spell. So what would take most people say, 20 minutes to blog, will take me more like an hour. But I think I'm willing to give up my afternoon nap occasionally to blog once a week. Is that how often I should, do others blog about that much? I haven't wanted to commit in the past because I didn't want to come off as a slacker, but now that that is obvious I might as well try.


Charity said...

Great, I usually blog once a day, so does Josie, but once a week is deffinately better than once a year :) glad you are back on the blogging wagon.

The Littlefields said...

I would love to have you blog more. I enjoy seeing what other friends are doing. I blog about once a week (or just when I feel like I have something to say).
Whatever you want to do, some is better than none.
Way cool about you NYC trip. That would be so much fun, good luck getting Jer to let you take someone else. :)

Tamy Wilson said...

Well I started off a couple times a week and sometimes I blog every day depends if anything is going on or I take cute pictures. Keep it up its fun to read whats going on with the family.
Oh and I am in desprite need of a hair cut and I cant spell very good either and Charity always makes fun of me!

denisepoulsen said...

Anything is great, since this is the only way I get to hear how you are all doing down south. I am even thinking about bloging myself, if someone will get me started. love aunt denise