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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exciting news

Nope, not a baby to announce, but I am going to win a trip to New York City to get my hair done! This is very exciting news. I stumbled across this contest in the Walgreen's rebate pamphlet. I really think that I'm going to win it too. The grand prize is round trip tickets to NYC with three friends two nights, and three days, with a $2,000 visa card. I have already entered the contest 21 times (each entry has to be individually post marked, or else I would have entered more) . I think that I want to take girlfriends, but Jer wants to go. I told him that there isn't a whole lot that the stylist would be able to do with his hair, especially since he just buzzed it Saturday. So hopefully he will see that it is just a waste if he were to come and that his spot would be better spent with one of my friends. I also decided since I am going to win a hair do and whatever else they want to do with my hair, that I could cancel my hair appointment for later this month.


Charity said...

How exciting. I hope you do win. When will they announce the winner? I think Scott would try to go also, but he is a man, so I would deffinately take my sisters for something like that and leave the kids home with Scott.

Kristi said...

Let me just check the date on it. I have the info on my vision board. It says that it ends on the 31st of May. But that's when they stop excepting entries, so I'm uncertain on when I will be notified (assuming I win).

Jen'n'Jordan said...

That would be so cool! I would take girlfriends, too, I think! Good luck with that!