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Monday, March 15, 2010


I get so tired of looking for the tv remote. It's the biggest waste of time. Sure i get some exercise, moving the couch, tilting stands, lifting any piece of furniture lighter than 50 lbs. going up and down the stairs. Or from room to room, to room! But it gets old.
I wish that we could change the channel without remotes. Do you remember those days when we had to use our legs to change the channel. Sure we'd watch the commercials because we we're too lazy to get up, but that was our choice. There wasn't channel surfing, or watch two channels between the commercials. Before I make it sound like I am ancient, and that I was around before remote controls existed, I need to explain that we (anyone in my household other than my parents) weren't allowed to touch the remotes. I hated that as a child, but I obeyed. Now I understand why. Because if the kid touch the stupid things, they're lost. And they aren't in any reasonable place! One time I even called the kids parents that I babysat to see if it was in their diaper bag, by some chance, because it was NOWHERE in my house. But they were in my house, in the closest of the office in a bag. How is that possible!
The trash is Porter's favorite place to put them. Noah usually only loses the remote into the abyss of the couch. Hyrum- it could be anywhere, ANYWHERE in the house. From the basement to the toy box. And, yes, I always look in the regular places, which is anywhere in the living room or deep inside the couch. But just thoroughly checking the regular spots still takes me 15 minutes!
Oh what a pain. I guess I could use this in a positive way. Such as, to make money off of the devises I've invented in my head while searching for the controls. I don't mind sharing because if you invent them for me, then I love you. I've thought of everything from a beacon device, to a docking station, to a shocking sensation so it's never touched by those who shouldn't touch it.
So sad to say, but there's no shower for me today because of lack of a babysitter for Hyrum.

My apologies for this venting I've gone on and on, but it's just time that would be spent looking for that blasted remote!


Swordfish said...

Hey my kids lost their remote, and I won't let them use the one from my bedroom, so now out of necessity they have figured out how to change the channel on the cable box without it. It's funny the things they watch when no one wants to change the channel.

Kathi said...

I thought I was reading something Jeremy wrote. It sounded just like him. And yes, I am laughing. PS I did invent one of those contraptions, just bring me your remote and I will put it on free of charge.

Cami said...

I have to laugh at this post! Our remote is MIA as we speak. It is good to know I'm in good company. The inventions sound great, I'd buy one. :)

Mostly Broken said...

i think you should just do it like the Strongholds phone in sky high they have a drawer full of them when one gets broke they just grab another. if you have ten and most in a drawer then you wont need to look for them but once a month. and yes it was a bit random like me. good job.

Kaycee said...

So funny! We have discussed it this idea a million times. Why has no one come up with this? A simple attachment that hooks to the remote and then beeps when you push a button... like in your car. So dumb. Let's do it and get rich together!! :)

vcsings said...

I do think they have things that you can attach that you can make beep or ring so that you can follow the sound, kind of like calling your own cell phone to find it by followin the ring. Try
radio shack! Another possibility would be to attach a HUGE item to the remonte, making it less able to hide.(By the way, we do none of those things and just spend all day looking, just like you do! I should try my own advice!