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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Diego

I took a new job in San Diego. A lot of you know that I have been frustrated at my job for nearly a year. I found a great job. My job entails a lot of analytics, data reporting, process re-engineering, project management, and financial analysis. I really love my job.

So, I started on June 15, but my family stayed in Utah until I found us a suitable place in California and rented out our place in Utah. So, on the 6th of July, we drove a budget rental truck down here to San Diego and moved in to our new place.

We are really excited for friends and family to come visit. We are about 10 minutes from Sea World and 20 Minutes from Lego Land. Kristi and I have been able to go running on the beach every morning, and we have been able to take the boys to the beaches and parks, and terrific restaurants. Our ward is great, and I really appreciate the friendship and help they have extended to our family. My computer is set up on a free computer desk given to us by one of the ward members. We got a free set of patio furniture, as well - 6 chairs and a couple of tables. Oh, and a free couch, too! These guys hooked us up!

Anyway - I have a few pictures to post.

Now that the computer is hooked up, Kristi will blog more - she promises.

We are happy, healthy, and we miss everyone. So... come visit!



Swordfish said...

OH man Jer, we will TOTALLY come and visit. I have waited for someone to live in Cali, so we could afford to take our kids cool places. I am sorry your job sucked, but it sounds like you are happy now and that rocks.

Jen said...

We are so glad your sweet little family is happy and doing well!

Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

That sounds so fun to take a risk & find it all working perfectly! We hope to see you soon!

vcsings said...

Cute pictures of everyone! So glad you are settling in. Keep up the posting so you won't seem so far away. Love you all! Aunt Vickie