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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hyrum Goes to School

Hyrum started preschool in October. I have all these cute pictures of him that I wanted to post. This was his first day of school. I think he loves it. He was real excited about it in the beginning, not so much anymore. He tries to come up with excuses for not going (hope he grows out of that real soon, or that might be a real problem) but when I go to pick him up, he doesn't want to leave. So who knows if he likes it or not.


Cami said...

What a cute little boy Kristi! I think it's really common for kids to be hesitant about school at first. My little boys have all struggled with it from time to time. It does go away. It looks like life in CA is treating you well. :)

Swordfish said...

I have a kid like that, my 2nd, what a concidence. He is making excuses right now as to why he shouldn't go to school today but once he gets there he enjoys it a lot. Right now we are using snowboarding as a reward and it is working better, but still a struggle.

Also I cannot believe how much Hyrum looks like Jer when he was little. That first pic I seriously was thinking he is a little Jer, how CUTE. Hope to see you guys at Christmas.