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Thursday, February 16, 2012

You're Still Here?

I'm actually pretty positive I'm talking to myself, but I haven't been doing any journaling otherwise so I'll start. Here's the goings ons in the Wood household.

We moved in to our new house in San Elijo Hills just before Christmas. That was a LOT of work for me. I was pregnant at the time (which we have moved every single time I've been pregnant except with Porter). I was only two months along at the time so no one other than my twin actually knew. I had to be tough since I couldn't play the pregnancy card. I'll come back to the pregnancy. Anyways, we bought a new house twice the size of the place we were renting. But we are futher from the beach. Still 20 minutes to the beach isn't bad. Our house has five bedrooms, five baths, an office, front room, dining room, and great-room set up. We also have a great yard - fully fenced with a fire pit and big bbq island. Hours of fun! Our bedroom is a suite, which in my mind is a complete waste of space. We have a rocking chair in the suite area. I don't know, maybe someday we'll have money to fill that space with furniture, but would much rather a loft or library. Speaking of no furniture; we bought a card table and fold up chairs for our formal dining room. After living here for a month I decided we had to have a couch in our front room. So once again we bought something cheap, but will do fine, for our front room.

Jer's commute is quite a bit longer. That's another thing we gave up in leaving the costly area of Carmel Valley. He travels 30 mins each way. When before it was 10. I really miss my friends from the ward and the moms from the kids' classes. I've met some ladies here that I'm sure will be great friends someday, but as of yet, I wouldn't call bosom-buddies.

Okay enough of me feeling sorry for myself. Life is good, and we are doing well. Jer is a very busy man. right now he spends 10 or 11 hours at work (with commute) a day. Then on Saturdays Jer is a temple worker. We have been extremely blessed from his service there. I haven't been able to make it to the temple since we've moved. I feel Jer's making up for my absence. And that's me using justification.

Well I wanted to write more, but my husband was the only one to show up for church ball tonight, and so he is home now and I'd like to spend time with him. This is a work in progress.


Swordfish said...

I am here. I am looking forward to hearing abotu your pregnancy. We are all glad that you guys got into a house that is perfect for you.

Kaycee said...

KRISTI!! You're prego?? Congratulations! Four is a ball... um... sometimes! ;) Those brothers need a sister!! :) You are always the positive one... hopefully the move will feel better soon and you will find those friends that make the area feel more like home! Love ya and hope you are feeling good. Get some rest!!

Mindy and Kyson said...

yay love it!! you wrote on your blog! You need to add Me and Kyson's blog to your blog list so i feel loved! Glad you guys are loving the new place and we hope to visit soon! Love you all and give each of the boys a kiss for me :)

Jed and Lizzy said...

Keep blogging! You'll never regret it!