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Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's time for our annual blog post again...

Wow. Time goes by so fast. It seems as though it was only a year ago when I was typing on our blog...

Many of you know that I have been a computer nerd for a very long time. You are probably thinking to yourselves, "If Jer is such a computer nerd, then why doesn't he blog 173 times a month like I do?"

Your question is well-founded. I am a total nerd, but I don't blog. My reason for not blogging, "because."

Kristi has all of her friends telling her that it's like totally rad to like blog every day. And, now my cousins are blogging. And, what's this - I have an e-mail in my gmail inbox from my grandma telling me that she wants to read my blog. C'mon... what is this?

I remember posting on BBS back in the late '80s when information traveled at the speed of bauds... People made fun of me then, and now the cool kids are making fun of me for not "blogging." It's the same thing. Granted, back then, we posted comments about uber-nerdy stuff anyway, like dungeons and dragons, or the newest ISA card we just popped into our computer. I even remember when my dad hooked up my first HDD. That was sweet - 25 Megs of storage... how would I EVER use all that up?! Not only did that disk have 25 entire megabytes of storage, but it was roughly the exact same size as my Amiga 1000.

This year for Christmas, my dad gave me an external USB2.0 HDD that doesn't even plug in to A/C power and is roughly the size of a deck of cards. It holds roughly 1,600 times that amount of data that my old Iomega Bernoulli did.

The point of my "weblog" is this:
Yes, I will be blogging more in the future. And no, it's not cool that I used to get teased for typing things that could only be read on other people's computers, and now everyone is teasing me for not doing it.



Tamy Wilson said...

Hey Welcome back Jer, good to hear from you... Can't wait for some cute pictures of the kids.

Charity said...

I am glad you are bloggine. It's nice to keep up with you guys.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

So glad that you've given in to the peer pressure of blogging! It's addicting, huh?! Hey, maybe you could give us some advise on what new laptop we should get - we have a price range though, so we've can't get the BEST of the best! If you have any opinion, send us an email! Love the pictures from the canyon!