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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fun Saturday in Zion

On Saturday, March 1, 2008, we took a fun trip to Zion Natl Park. This picture is at the top of the weeping rock hike. It is a pretty good warm-up hike. I recommend it because it is way short (0.5 miles round-trip) and it gets you excited to see more. It's steep, so it stretches your calves and burns your gluteus maximus (aka butt muscles). The wind kicked up and blew the water all over us, but it was still super awesome just to get out and hike in the canyon.

Here's a shot of Hyrum and Jer under the waterfall at Weeping Rock.

This is Noah and Kristi under the waterfall at the top of the Weeping Rock hike.

After Weeping Rock, we hit up the Riverside Walk. Riverside Walk is a cool hike. Right at the bottom, we saw these deer. Kids were like throwing rocks at them and stuff, but they just sat there staring around. I swear these were just released from the zoo or something.

Riverside Walk is awesome because it's paved, it's cool, and you're right alongside of the river (imagine that). If you go far enough, you start into the narrows, but it isn't paved up that far.

Anyway - they were parked under a waterfall, so we took our picture in front of them. Look closely and you can see the deer behind Kristi's right shoulder (her right - your left).

Hyrum and Noah are looking for rocks to throw. You know how boys are - when you see water, you've gotta throw rocks. And when you see deer on the other side... well you know.

Here's a picture of Norman looking at Hyrum get in trouble for not getting in the stroller.

We call Noah Norman a lot. It goes way back to when his papa (grandpa Lee) used to sing Nowhere Man to him all the time.

So, we used to always call him Nowhere Man. Then, it turned into Noah-er Man. Now, it's just Norman. Oh, and he also answers to Julio when you talk to him in Spanish. I tell him that his Spanish name is Julio Gonzalez. I don't know why, but it is just hilarious to me.


Mandy said...

Hey, cool! I found you. Do you care if I link you up? I'll add you to my Google Reader too.

Cute kids.

And, in reference to computer nerds, Michael used to connect with his nerdy high school friends with a BBS and a 2400 BAUD modem.
I used to play Oregon Trail at school on Apple IIE's. Was that nerdy, or does that just make me old?

Jer said...

Mandy - you wrote this at like 1 AM. What are you, a chronic blogger?

Jer said...

Oh wait, you don't live back East anymore...

My bad.

Tamy Wilson said...

Love the pictures Jer, looks like a fun hike wish it was warmer here is SLC...

Charity said...

Hey, cool pics.