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Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Template

So, this new Transformers template is really awesome. I hope Kristi doesn't see it...

I was doing this other thing that Kristi makes fun of - making hyperlinks in my blog post - and I ran into this article on wikipedia that started out talking about combiner transformers. Was I the only one who noticed that Devastator in the 2007 film was NOT a combiner transformer, made up of the constructicons? C'mon! What's up with that? Not only that, but he called himself Devastator, but was referred to throughout the movie as Brawl. You guys all know that I own the movie... no surprises there, right?

I have to admit I was totally expecting constructicons in the film, though. That just makes me that more excited for Transformers II.

And, when googling Transformers II, I found this awesome freakin' video:
You've seen the Evolution of Dance, right?


EmilynDev said...

Oh man!! All I hear about is Transformers. Between Deven and Mitchell I have learned more then I ever cared to about Transformers. Do you guys have the old Transformer cartoons?

EmilynDev said...

I just watched the video. I almost want to go wakeup Mitchell to watch it! That is so cute!

CurtisOhana said...

You're hilarious! Good to see you guys are still having fun with life.
Kaleo and Megan Curtis

Jaelyn said...

Hey! I just found your blog! So we are officially the FLAKIEST friends EVER! If you would even consider us friends now! :( Kristi, sorry for not calling you back like two WEEKS AGO! I won't even give you an excuse! But...for reals...we need to do something! And I am serious! Give me a call and check out my blog at www.thelovellclan.blogspot.com

Charity said...

Ok, we watch transformers to at my house. And we do have the cartoons. The graphics are neat and we all love bumble bee at my home, but I still prefer the old cartoons I grew up with.

denisepoulsen said...

Its about time you updated your blog. Hey, if you don't like to blog, get kristy to do it, just so long as we get to keep updated on you all.
aunt denise