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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The End Of the Shoe Story

Here's how I handle the shoe incident, this is right where I left off. I told the little boy to take off Noah's shoes. Then I told them that Noah could not play. I quickly got my shoes on and explained to Jer that I was going to talk to the mother. Jer asked me exactly what I was going to say, told me to calm down and not make accusations. I went over and was prepared to speak to the mom calmy, but at the same time let her know I was upset. The last thing I expected was to have to explain things to the dad, because the mom wasn't home.
I went up to him and told him the shoe his son had on were my son's. He told me "The brown leather ones, no those are my son's."
(I was atually expecting an apology for his response) I replied "The brown Osh Kosh, they're Noah's."
He said "Oh I didn't know they were Osh Kosh, yeah those aren't his." But he said this like what's the big deal?.
So I told him I wasn't upset, I just wanted him to know his son was out playing without any shoes on. The dad could careless.
And that's the end. I was unreasonably upset. But I feel I should have had at least an apology. I wasn't upset to the parent's face or anything. I think a big part of my being mad at the situation was that I felt, and feel, I can no longer trust the neighbors. And the other thing that upset me was that on my way over my other neighbors, (one that also have kids that Noah plays with) were blasting music from his truck with the F word every other word. I kind of felt violated in my little trusted LDS neighborhood. Like a rude awakening. I didn't handle everything the best way, but I defiantly could have done worst. Thanks for the feedback earlier.

P.S. If your totally lost on this story read the prequel "the Shoe Story" in my archive.


Tamy Wilson said...

Sorry it didnt go as planned, but at least you got his shoes back.

The Littlefields said...

Good work. I think you handled it just great, neighbor relationships are hard.
I'm glad that you had such a nice get away too.

Ron & Elaine said...

That totally stinks - good thing it's over! I'd be most upset about the trust thing too, you just feel violated in your own space. You'll be paranoid every time your boys play with all the other kids - annoying.