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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our 4th of July

We'll start off at the beginning of the day. At 6:10 am Jer kissed me good-bye and he was off to wait for the 5K race. Hyrum came in at the same time and so I got up. The boys usually get up round that time, but I still dread it, and do my best to sleep in. I decided to walk down to where Jer would be racing. We woke up Noah, got dressed, and I gave the boys a banana to eat in the stroller, on the way down.

We got down to the park in time to see daddy getting ready for the race. This is at the starting line. And they're off (Jer's in the orange).

After that I just chased Hyrum around, and around, and around. He did the cutest thing, he would say go, ready, go, and take off running. I was tired of fighting him, so I stayed close by.This is Hyrum running through the finish line. I had to be careful because he didn't care who was coming through, he was racing!

Jer did well, he came in 2nd in his age range. I'm not sure if he'll be upset that I'm posting his time. It was 22:09. He and the guys he ran with decided that it was 200 yards further then a 5K. So all of their times were a bit longer.

Then we headed over to Parowan, where my twin lives, for the parade. In this picture the boys are dancing to the drill team's music.

Noah's showing his candy. The 2nd one is Jer with the boys plus my nephew Adam. Hyrum and my sister Shasta (in the last picture) . Hyrum is working his magic, begging for candy.

In Parowan, after the parade everyone heads over to the park to have races. (It's a small town) Everyone that races gets a twin-pop! Hyrum wouldn't even budge after the starting sound. The fire engine sounded it's siren to start the race, and scared Hyrum half to death. Noah did good. Here he's racing his cousin Adam (On the right). They're very competitive. I did the mother and son three-legged race, but of course there are no pictures of me.
The boys are being entertained with sparklers. The second picture is my nephew Jason, in the background is Noah and another nephew, Reagan. After the races in Parowan we went back to our house in Enoch. Luckily the boys did get a nap before we head down in the strollers to the park again. (The park is probably a mile from my house and I walked it three times that day) We finished off the evening with the fireworks. We got to the park around 8:30, but the fireworks didn't start until 10:00. So we had a great time chasing our boys around, trying to find them, and keeping them out of other people's stuff. Just talking about the day makes me tired again. Enjoy this clip of how the majority of my day went.

The first laugh is Jer's and the second one is my mom's. Maybe they could have given me a heads up?! I was picking up the candy for Hyrum, and bam, he gone. Did you notice they had to stop the horses? I was so embarrassed. And my bother-in-law says that Hyrum almost died. Whatever, it wasn't that close.


Charity said...

I feel for you. Mason is that way, we turn around and he is gone. He is very quick. He also gets into mischief. Today for example, we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Elder and grandpa had Mason in a head lock so he could rub his head. Mason was yelling to be let go (like we all did) and grandpa did not let go (like he always did not do) so Mason just opened up his mouth and bit grandpa. and you are sure as shootin that grandpa let him go. Oh, did I mention that grandpa was in his jogging suit, unzipped just lounging in his garmets? So no protection between his abdomin and Mason's teeth.

Urmston Mom said...

I got the link! THANKS

The Albrecht's said...

Kristi, it is so good to hear from you! Your blog is so cute, I love the family pic. I am amazed that you have two little boys, I can hardly take care of one! It sounds like your fourth of July was full of adventures :) I'm glad that all is going well for you.

The Littlefields said...

I love the video. It didn't look like Hyrum almost died... it's a good thing you're such a fast mover. Kids are so funny, no fear (especially Hyrum).

Sami Antha said...

Hey, Guess who!!
I like the video clip, especially how Jer was so nonchalant about his child running away.
*giggle laugh teehee*