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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie Trivia X

Character #1 "You must be Igor."
Igor "No, it's pronounced 'eye-gor.' "
Character #1 "But they told me it was 'ee-gor.' "
Igor "Well, they were wrong then, weren't they?"

Ron got it right! Young Frankenstein, go rent this classic if you've never seen it.


Charity said...

hmmmmmm, nothing here. Mind block. That sucks, now I am going to be going around all day trying to remember it. I am not cheating this time. Thanks for the fun!!!

RonElaine said...

It's Young Frankenstein!!!! I love that movie!!
"It's pronounced Fraank-en-steen!!!"


RonElaine said...

It wasn't me - it was Ron! I've never even heard of that movie. I'm sure you are not surprised since you and Ron tend to like the same types of...unique movies.

Kristi said...

Well Elaine, I'm sure Ron wouldn't complain if you rent it. I think you'll like this "unique" film.