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Friday, July 11, 2008

Listening To Your Child's Prayer

Noah is so good at remembering to pray. He even started adding a prayer before his nap! We started him saying personal prays quite young and he taken to them obsessively, which is good.
Sometimes Noah ask me to stay while he is saying his prayers. Sometimes I tell Noah I have a lot to do (when the boys go down at the end of the day, it's my time to finally get somethings accomplished).
The other day in church someone made a comment that you should take the time to listen to your children's prayers while they are young, because there comes a time when they don't want mommy and daddy listening anymore. You no longer know what they are asking Heavenly Father for, or their relationship with Him.
I realized that Sunday that I always have time to listen to Noah pray. Not only that, but it's a privilege to be able to listen in. I also realized that now is the time to develop the close relationships that will last through out their lives. It is so much easier to start young with your children.


Coleman Fam Mom said...

That is so true!!! I love to listen to Emma's prayers, she prays for the simplest things. It's wonderful!! I'm so glad I finally have your blog! So cute!! Your boys are to cute and so much bigger then when I saw them last (I guess that's what happens, huh)!!!

Urmston Mom said...

Moments like that will be remembered forever. It really is great when they are little. I know you are so tired but I wish I would have been there more at night for talks when my kids were little.

Mandy said...

Now that is just sweet. Good Mommy!

Charity said...

I am so happy you are blogging. It is nice to see how others in teh family do things and think. We don't get to see you guys that much either. I love kid prayers. Lately Rainee has been praying for good dreams, so I guess that means she had some nightmares. If she did, she never told me. But when I asked her she said our dog (Duke) who sleeps with her took care of them for her.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Great idea. Braden has just started to say his prayers without any help - they are so cute! Last night he prayed for the dinosaurs, and his car, Lightening McQueen! What a ham!