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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today I had my hands full. I watched three boys, not including my own two. It all went pretty smoothly though. I just had a lot I wanted to do around the house at the same time. I still was able, after babysitting for eight hours, to have fixed a nice dinner at 6:00 and my card-making group over at 7:00. The house was quite clean too. Some days I am impressed with myself. When I can get focused, I can accomplish a lot.
We had Jer's cousin, (which I also call my cousin) Mindy, over for dinner. She just moved back to Cedar to start the school year at SUU. I really missed her. We get along very well. The boys missed her a ton too. All through dinner Hyrum was saying Mindy's name over and over again, just to get her attention. Sometimes he would mumble "I missed you". Noah kept trying to out talk everyone. They were both fighting for her attention. It was cute. While I did clean-up -scrambling to get things ready for card-making- Jer helped move Mindy's stuff out of the basement. And then in to town to her house.
So here I am in a quiet, clean house, not knowing what to do with myself. That's why I blogged, I actually had time. Nothing of importance to say though.


Charity said...

I am glad you guys have got to spend time with Mindy. She is great. If you send me your email address, and send it to Tamy also, we will include you in all our email things. mine is charity.kidman@gmail.com. Grandma has also been having problems with her blood pressure this last few days it has been REALLY high, the doctors are worried about it and so am I. She is sooo worried about DeLoy, but her heart is not handling the stress well.

Mandy said...

It sound like you are feeling better! Way to be a go-getter.

Tamy Wilson said...

I love a clean and quiet house, those days make being a mom great.

Josie, Cliff and Bailey said...

Im glad you like Mindy- its a good thing someone does...... jk. But really, thanks for taking care of her for us!