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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby Movement!

Jer told me to get ready for our date and get off the computer. But the baby just pushed or kicked or something, so I thought I would share. You may think that I can't feel it yet, since I'm not even to the third month yet, but with the third baby you can recognize when they move.
My doctor's appt. was on Monday. Jer kept teasing me while the nurse was in the room that I was going to have twins (he knows I'm scared to death of that). He's also a bit suspicious because I have been eating like mad, so much worse than I did with the other two pregnancies. I have gained six pounds already! So Jer was teasing me that it might be twins so my doctor said we could do an ultrasound. It isn't twins, but it is measuring six days ahead of my due date. My doctor said that they don't move the due date up unless it measures seven days or more ahead. But I have alway delivered before my due date so I went ahead and moved my own due date. Instead of the 27th it is now the 22nd of February. In the ultrasound you can see quite a bit; feet (which looked quite large), ribs, shoulders, ears pretty amazing!


Charity said...

HOpe you have a nice date. Sounds like you could use one. Maybe you will get some super good food? I understand feeling the baby early. I ws teh same way with my third and fourth one. Grandpa told me to tell you guys to keep smiling.

Tamy Wilson said...

Good Luck That is so exciting that you can feel the baby, it makes the sickness all worth it. I say make it February 20 its a great date (my bday). :)

Charity said...

BTW cute blog background.

Rachelle said...

i had no idea you were pregnant! that's great! congratulations. and cute hair cut. :)