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Monday, August 11, 2008


Soccer for the four year olds is a bit different. First off, they only scrimmage their own team and we only have two games a month. They don't have a goalie yet either. When the ball goes out of bounds they don't throw it in, they kick it instead. The kids really don't have a clue, but it's so darn cute to watch. The game on Saturday was better then any of the practices have went so far. It seems like they are picking up on some things. Here's a picture of the team cheer. What a cute coach they have (it's Jer).Here is my nephew Reagan and Hyrum playing on the field during half time. They're excited for a chance to play.
Noah is enjoying the treats that the moms brought. He needed the half time brake so he could collect his energy to play harder.
Not a lot going on here. But it's the only picture that turned out of Noah on the field.


Tennille said...

I love soccer, it is so much fun. I'm so glad you want to participate in my Pay it Forward exchange. I still have no clue what I am going to make. I need to get your address so I can bring it to you next time I am in Enoch. By the way I love your hair, so cute!

Charity said...

It does not surprise me that Jer is being a good soccer coach. We love soccer in our family and every kid has played it since they were 4. It is a ton of fun to watch. When Rainee and colton played last year they could not agree on a team name that both the boys and the girls liked, so they were the Pretty BUtterflies one game and teh Transformers the next. It was sooo cute.

Josie, Cliff and Bailey said...

How fun! It is so good to get kids into things that early in life! So cute!

Shelly said...

Congrats on the coming baby, love the haircut, and hooray for boys and sports! We've certainly done a lot of that! Keep them running, and hopefully tired out!

Jer said...

That is not a zit on my neck in the picture, btw; it is a wound from when Kristi tried to decapitate me with the hair clippers the day before. I narrowly escaped the unprovoked assault with my life.