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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Belief

I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds, but I was so appalled when I heard this song that I felt I needed to say something. The song is called "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it". If you haven't heard this song it doesn't sound horrid from the title, until you find out a girl sings it. The song is very popular right now, especially to our youth. I don't care to mention what the song goes on about, but just that I hate that our youth is being pressured to kiss the same sex, just to see if they like it. I can't imagine all the young girls that decided to try kissing a girl because of the song. It's like if they didn't try, then how do they know which sex they prefer. I feel I might offend someone with this post, I hope not. I can stand up for what I believe in, right? This world is so corrupt this scripture comes to my mind "Wo unto them that acall bevil good, and good evil, that put cdarkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ". I feel that the world is calling evil good, and good evil. I remember reading that scripture as a young child, and I remember being confused. That was partly because I was young and innocent, but also because it wasn't as obvious, or abundant as the meaning is today. I hope an pray that in this evil world we live in we can still raise virtuous, faithful children.


Charity said...

Kristi I totally agree and understand what you are saying. I hate that song. It is not played on the local radio staion here, Thank Goodness!!! It is a bad song, my kids hve not heard it, from what I know, and if i can help it they will not.

The counter on my blog is showing where people came from and how they found my blog, the map one shows them on the globe. I just though it was neat to see what people are hitting my blog.

The Littlefields said...

This is really ironic to me, Nate and I had this same conversation just the other day. I completely agree. What a sad world that we live in.
So fun that Noah is playing soccer! I love this age with sports.

Tamy Wilson said...

I also don't like the song and hopefully my kids wont ever hear it.

Heidi and Rich said...

Congrats on baby #3. You are good at feeling the baby. It took me until week 19 and this is my 3rd too. I am glad that all is going well. Good luck.

Jaelyn said...

I am glad that you posted this! I was actually going to but never got around to it! I actually called the radio station and complained when I heard it for the first time! They said that they appreciate when people give them feedback and that if they get enough people they can "sometimes" (who knows what that means) stop playing it. I was appalled that So You Think You Can Dance had her perform. I was going to write the producers there too..but I saw a TON of forums where people complained! So at least we're not alone! Sad, sad world! Anyway...now that I posted a blog on your blog...let me know when you do a GNO....I really NEED ONE!

Jen'n'Jordan said...

I am so with you on this! I've actually never heard the song, so I can't speak too loudly from that reasoning, but just hearing about it makes me angry! We know the world has to get a lot worse before the 2nd coming, and right now, that is pretty scary when you see what is happening already! The only/best thing we can do is make sure that we're living the best we can, and raising our family in a righteous home where the Spirit dwells. Oh, and teach them in FHE and any other opportunity we have!
Sorry for rambling! How are you feeling?

Jen'n'Jordan said...
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Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

Congrats on the baby & your cute new 'do!

I very much agree with your statements. I have only heard of the title of the song & knowing the artist was female really bothered me. Distorted world views absolutely put doubts & curiosity in the minds of our youth...what a reminder to teach strong values from day one. Our children will have to be SO strong!

Tennille said...

I can't even imagine what the world is going to be like when our boys are in high school. It scares me to death and I just hope and pray I can teach them at a young age to make the right choices.

So I think I decided what to make for the pay it forward exchange. Can you email me 10 or so pictures of you and your family? They can be of just one of your kids, or both, or of your family. I just need a good variety. Also, please don't send any that have a copy right so that I can print them at wal-mart.

Email them to tennillesblog@yahoo.com

Also, can you send me your mailing address? Who knows when I will be to Enoch again.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that song and was disgusted. I am amazed how many times each day it hits the radio waves!!!

I am so glad I found your blog - I will make sure to add you to my Google Reader account!