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Monday, June 16, 2008

Catching Up June

It's been awhile since I've posted. Plenty's been going on, but I didn't want to get on the computer because I'm on for hours once I turn it on. So I'm just going to list what I've been up to this month:
1. I just finished "The Host". I guess I liked it, but it was really weird to me, and it dragged on forever (sorry to those of you who loved it). Reading took up the majority of my free time.
2. I had a family reunion with my dad and siblings (and their families) on the 5,6,&7th. There was snow on the ground when we go up to the camping area, so Jer and I decided not to sleep up there with everyone else.
3. I, along with my sisters, threw Sami's baby shower. We played some really fun, original games, and had a good meal, with a wonderful dessert.
4. I had a relief society picnic, and a ward BBQ, both in the same week.
5. I did a special Father's Day breakfast, with my dad and Jer both. Then we went to my sister Shasta's for a Father's Day BBQ.
6. I already mentioned the GNO with my sisters.
7. Sami staying with us for a couple days.
8. I threw a going away party for my friends Nate and Steph. It was a great turnout. I was expecting eight people at most, we had 20. It was a lot of fun.
9. I also had a GNO going away dinner for Steph.

And the month's only halfway through. I still have a family reunion (my dad's family) this coming weekend. My scrapbook retreat. I'll explain. I have a scrapbook club that that gets together, and goes out for dinner, once a month, and we exchange pre-made pages. Each person in the group makes a double page layout for 10 people. It's the same layout but we each do it 10 times. (I'm trying to explain throughly so that if you wanted you could start up your own group). Anyway, we're going up to a girl's cabin to spend Thursday through Sunday (we'll have church up there). We do this retreat once a year.
Back to what I have going this month, I also find out if I win the trip to NYC to get my hair done (refer to exciting news). I don't think I should but if I win. I'm pretty sure I will win.
So that's the gist (did I make up that word) of this month. A very busy, very fun June.
Here are two pix of camping, then two of the baby shower.


Tamy Wilson said...

Your June is just as busy as mine. My friend is in a scrapbook club like yours, she has a blast. I am just not crative I do all my pages on my computer and print them out on my photo printer and call it good. I also do a Shutterfly book for the family.

Jer said...

Put more June pics up!

Charity said...

Sounds like a lot of fun stuff. You cannot have to many GNO as far as I am concerned. Summer is always so busy. I now have to browse blogs on my lunch hour at work, I am sooo busy at nights after being gone all day.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

How fun! I definately need a GNO! Enjoy your month! Hope we get to see you guys this summer!