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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Exciting News II

Nope, not a baby. Nope, not that I'm going to win a contest. But, when Kristi wins that New York trip, I'm going to buy a motorcycle!

A V Star 1100 Classic. Oh yeah!
Good luck, Kristi!!


Kristi said...

Dream on Jer!!!

Kristi said...

P.S Your bike doesn't match the theme I have going.(But it is a pretty bike).

Tamy Wilson said...

Nice Bike,
Good Luck Kristi and Jer too.

Jer said...

If Kristi can dream, so can I!

Tamy Wilson said...

Yes you can:)

Charity said...

good luck. sounds like something that Scott would do. I hope it has a side car so the whole family can ride with you. I can just see it now, all in black leather jackets and helmets.