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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scapbooking Mania

I got home today from my scrap-booking retreat. We went up to my friend Rochelle's family cabin at Fish Lake. Her cabin is beautiful! It has eight bedrooms and four baths, granite counter tops and a over-sized porch (my dream getaway cabin). We had 13 girls (I guess we are women) and four babies up there. We went up Thursday evening and I did a Pampered Chef show for dinner. We didn't start scrap-booking until Friday morning. But that is all we did other then sleep (very little) and eat. Some of the ladies didn't go to bed until four! I was alway the first one to bed, and that was usually 12am, late enough for me. We planned on staying until after church on Sunday, but me, Kathi, and Shasta decided to leave before church so we could make it back in time for church with our families. I have to thank my husband and my father for watching my kids so I could have an awesome four day getaway!


Charity said...

Wow that sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I do not scrap book, but if I did it would be fun.

Tamy Wilson said...

Kristi didnt I email you Amber's wedding annoucement on Friday???? Check my blog too. She just told us on Thursday that they were getting married.