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Monday, June 23, 2008


This morning before it got hot, I cut the boys' hair out on the deck. They look so hansom with their summer cuts. I decided to blog it, so I could show the pictures. I use to take the boys to the local beauty college to get their haircut. But with the very planned out budget we now have, we cutout paying for haircuts. I think I'm getting better. I'm sure I do better than the beauty school.


Charity said...

Way to go. We do back-deck hair cuts also for the boys. The only one who get her "hair cut" by a professional is Rainee to do her bangs. I still cut them crooked. I am allowed to get my hair done every other month. Since Scott is getting on the side of hair where he has less and less, his hair cuts only entail trimming his neck and around his ears (he would die if he knew I said that) but let's face it, he is deffinately going bald. But I love him and I am pushing to bic his head, bald men are sexy.

Tamy Wilson said...

Cute Hair Cuts. I cant wait till X has enough hair to buzz:)

Josie & Cliff said...

they are so cute! They look like little Wood boys! How cute!

Jen said...

Such cute summer haircuts! I can't believe how much older Hyrum and Noah look with shorter hair. They are really growing up. What sweet friends!

Kristi, I took Dallin to swimming lessons at the city pool, but have heard that SUU has a good program as well. There is also some girls in Fiddlers who teach at their home, which might be a little closer for you to drive everyday. Tell me if you are interested in any of these and I will give you the info.