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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shoe Story

I feel I need to share a story with you. It actually really upsets me for some reason, (maybe because I'm sleep deprived, or that I'm premenstrual) and would like to hear your take on it.
Yesterday, everyone in my house was awoken from their naps by four neighbor kids banging on the door. We had been camping at a family reunion and it was the first nap that the boys had in days. I jumped out of bed and tried to get to the door before my boys did. When I opened the door the kids asked if Noah could play. At that moment I noticed that one of the kids was wearing Noah's shoes that Noah had accidentally left at their house a week earlier. I had sent Noah over twice during the week to see if they had his shoes. They had told him "no, they didn't have them". I looked throughout the house over and over in hopes that Noah had misplaced them at our house, instead of leaving them at the neighbors like he told me he had. I decided to try myself and talk to the mom just before we left to the reunion, but no one was home. Anyways, I asked the the kid if they were Noah's shoes. He told me "no" then I took a closer look and was positive that they were Noah's. I said " those are Noah's" his older sister (that was there with him) said "no those are his". Then the boy says "no mine are darker" and he told her where his shoes were.
I'm going to leave the story there for now. I don't know if I am wrong or not. I know that I was really upset about it, and I want to know if I made a big deal over nothing - or if I should be upset. Would you please tell me what you would do in that situation, and calm me down?


Tamy Wilson said...

HMMM...That is weird. Have you talked to the mom? Did you get the shoes back? Maybe the mom doesnt pay close enough attention, but I know my girls know which shoes are theirs. Sorry no advise except when you are calm go talk to the mom if you havent got the shoes back.

Ron & Elaine said...

I agree with Tamy - talk to the mom. Maybe she really doesn't know. Misc. things show up at our house all the time and I have no idea who they belong to (toys, not shoes, but still things I didn't find until I was cleaning the house up). They boy could also be hiding them from his mom. I know my sister and I used to "collect" things and put them under our bed. We knew our mom would make us give them back, so we hid them and then used them when she wasn't around. I'd call the mom up and say, "Hey Noah's _____ shoes are missing, he thinks he left them at your house, have you seen them?" or, if you would really like to go look yourself, "Would it be alright if Noah and I came over at ____ time to look for his shoes? He lost them and thinks they are at your house, we'd like to come look". If the mom really knows about it and doesn't care, then I have absolutly no adivce. I'm banking on the fact that her kids are hiding it from her and once she finds out, she'll totally agree with you. Good luck! Let us know how the saga continues.

The Littlefields said...

I also agree to talk to the Mom. I really don't look forward to situations like this because I just get mad. I like Elaines suggestion and if the Mom isn't responsive just realize that they are just a pair of shoes and not worth causing a rift.
You'll do fine, just keep the "it's not a big deal perspective" and it will be easier to keep your cool if the Mom doesn't help. Good luck. I'm interested to hear the rest of the story. Keep us posted.

Charity said...

I agree. Kids loose things all the time. I would call and ask like you don't know a thing. If she does not know anything then let it go. It sucks, but I buy my kids real cheap shoes in teh summer because things like this happen all the time with summer sandals.

denisepoulsen said...

Yes, but you said you talked with the mom. The main question here is, do you let it bother you and keep pushing, or do you let it go and get Noah another pair of shoes. At this point, it really is done, so I think it is your choice of finishing this out so you feel good about it all. Sorry for rambling, but sometimes, you just have to move forward and not let it eat you up inside. Just a thought.
Aunt Denise

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Yikes, I'd be ticked off! Good luck with that one!