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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I need to let my husband know how great a father he is. Jer does so good with the boys. They love spending time with him, especially camping. It's a very bonding time for guys (not so much for women). Jer's #1 goal in life is to be a good father and husband. I can see him getting better at it everyday. He takes time to talk to the boys when they make the wrong choices, or when they need praising. Like yesterday, Jer took Noah aside to have a talk. They were in our office room for 10 minutes. Later I asked Jer what the talk was about, He said that Noah needed a talk about respecting his mother and also learning the importance of hard work. I was touched. I hadn't said anything to Jer about that. He just saw a need and took care of it. Jer is at work from 8 'till 5:30, and when he comes home he asks what he can help with. I have to admit that he hasn't always been this way, but with his goal to be the best father and husband I just have to point something out (in a loving way) and then he works on it. And little by little he grows. I love that he has the desire to change and to become better. He is an example to me. Happy Father's Day Jer! We love you.


Jer said...

Thank you, honey! You made me get all teary eyed.

I love you!

Tamy Wilson said...

So Sweet!

Charity said...

Wow Jer I had no idea. Way to go.